Entertainment News Celebrity Gist “Mummy, I Didn’t Know When I Did It!” – Chidinma Okeke Cries...

“Mummy, I Didn’t Know When I Did It!” – Chidinma Okeke Cries Out



Miss Anambra 2015, Chidinma Okeke claims she was under the influence of something she cannot ascertain when she did the video in an interview with Telegraph.

Read below:

“Saturday Telegraph learnt from Chidinma’s mother, Lady Nora Okeke, that the former beauty queen performed the act under the influence of something which she could not ascertain. “As a mother watching the video broke my heart but I have stopped crying and committed everything to the hands of God who always fight my battle.

When I spoke with my daughter, I asked her what led her into such an unholy act despite the fact that I brought her up in a Godly way,” Okeke said in tears.

Chidinma stated: ‘Mummy even if I did it, I didn’t know when it was done honestly, I’m surprised and confused. I don’t know what happened mummy’. On whether or not the family supported Chidinma to participate in the pageant, the mother recalled:

“Chidimma came home to say she was going to take part in Miss Anambra Pageant and I discouraged her; I told her to use her beauty for God. She went back to school and returned later to say she has been selected among the final contestants.

I can never support any of my children to take part in any beauty pageant because we are a Christian family and don’t have liking for such things. Chidimma went into the pageant without our knowledge but she is a little girl and we cannot abandon her; she remains my little baby and the baby of the house. When she won, it was her sister that called to tell us. She is my last child and came seven years after my sixth child.”

Okeke stated: “Chidimma was simply a pawn in the hands of both the organisers of Miss Anambra and her former manager hence things went awry when she decided to free herself from the bondage.” She added: “The entire controversy affected my daughter because when I went to see her, she had emaciated so much and not looking after herself at all, when I asked her why her hair was so unkempt, she said, ‘Mummy leave that hair alone, that’s not my worry.’

My prayer is that they should not kill my daughter.”

Events leading up to the dethroning of Miss Anambra may have started building when she decided to break away from the clutches of her manager who the family did not name.

In an interview Chidinma’s father, Sir Jeremiah Okeke, declined comments on the controversy because he felt the deed had already been done and could not be reversed.

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His words partly read, “I have embraced prayers and seeking the face of God and I know in no distant time he will expose the people behind all this. They have rubbished my daughter and my family name but my God will fight my battle, I trust Him and he has never failed me. How can a beauty queen be borrowing money to pay her driver, where is it done?

Why was the crown taken away from her three to five months before the due date for another queen to emerge? Why was I called and told to declare my daughter missing by the Managing Director of AB? A man does not say all that he has seen…leave that alone, God will expose the truth soon. This MD is neither known to me nor my wife.

Then he called me to suggest I declare my daughter missing? My response to him on the phone was- you say I should declare my own daughter Chidinma missing? Okay, I have heard you and I dropped the phone.”

Details gathered from Chidinma’s father showed that the dethroned queen was not even paid the full amount of N1million which she won while she was made to share every kobo she made while reigning as a beauty queen until she couldn’t contain it anymore and she was advised to take her complaints to the person currently managing her.

It was the tears of a drowning queen that made the current manager to swing into action.

It was alleged that the take-over did not go down well with the former manager who called to query Chidinma on the move describing it as a wrong one to make.


According to the embattled queen’s father,

“Chidinma was with her elder sister when she was called to go to the ABS office with her car for a function only for her to return shortly in tears and the elder sister asked what happened, and she said that When she got to ABS, she was asked to hand over the keys of the car which she did but before she left, she was shown a video of herself in an immoral act.

She broke down in tears but was asked to leave. God has finished the fight for me because even as an adult I cannot even contain that kind of shock. It’s amazing how my daughter was able to leave that place and remained sane not to have thrown herself at an oncoming vehicle to die or commit suicide. Anybody that can do that kind of thing does not mean well.

I thank God that my daughter is recovering, I was with her yesterday (Monday, Nov. 7), though she is still in shock, it will all pass and I can’t wait for the truth to be exposed”. Reacting to Chidimma’s father’s statement, the Managing Director of ABS, Nze Uche Nworah, denied ever calling the man on the phone saying that he does not have the man’s number neither have they met. “That’s a lie, I never spoke with Chidinma’s father and I have never met him in person.

I hope he is not confusing me with somebody else. The ABS management which is the management that is handling the Miss Anambra pageant has followed the binding contract to the letter. If you can access Chidinma, ask her to show you the contract which she signed and her sister’s husband signed on behalf of the father. I never called her father at any time; I am not even supposed to be responding to what the man is saying but for the sake of clarity”.

When a call was put across to Chidimma’s father to react to Nworah’s denial, he simply said, “okay” and condemned the management’s negligence regarding knowing who the beauty queen’s parents were. Despite the barrage of accusations and counter accusations, only Chidinma has the key to unravelling the entire truth.

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Until the truth is unearthed, it remains to be seen if Chidinma, the dethroned Miss Anambra (2015), is truly a lesbian who performed the act wilfully perhaps because of the gains that accrued from it, or she was drugged to perform the act. For now, she remains in hiding and only her parents can tell where she is.

The two-day journey through the very lonely, tarred road to the small town of Ogboji to get the version of the parents, who are visibly distraught as a result of the scandal, was tough. It gave an insight into the origin of the embattled beauty queen, a middle class, quiet and friendly family who believes in nothing except God.

“My family planned on keeping the news from me because I’m hypertensive, but I was later told and it won’t kill me. I have seen worse things during my time in business; let God continue to fight my battle”, Okeke said”



  1. Every body will always claim they brought their children up in a godly way. And yet shitz still goes on.

  2. She defile cucumber for God sake,,,she didn’t even do it privately without video… Am sure if cucumber is human being he would sue u for this

    • Well I can’t say u did it or not but only u ur self knows the truth one ur parent wasn’t in support of ur beauty pageant u went ahead.. two they don’t no ur manager ..three they can’t swear for u if u did or u didn’t as in my dear u caused all this hard it been u lock up on this contest of a thin when ur mum caution u it won’t hv gotten to this but in d other hand I wonder how they get ur video I hv watch it ..it really ur face nd ur best girl Queen how did they got to use ur image to do this? It wasn’t cotton it was ur really image in fact I am in a part of ur parent should stop digging to know the group of people that did this rather send u out side this vicinity at list to clear up ur name for the moment am sorry for all this may hv cost u hrt brk tears nd shock am sorry ..

  3. Oh,so finally accepted dt it was really her??thot initially she was denying it….a beauty queen dt shuld b a role model 2 odas,wel offcurs she dint knw wat led her in2 it,it only means one tin,shez posseesed..n nids help dts all

  4. Pls people enof of dis silly stuff lets die dis matter and move On, dere allot of educating things to talk abt dan dis Biko nu , ozu go nu

  5. Most of you hve done worst bt cos dere was no video to prove it pls let let d sleeping dog lie plsssss if ur not tired of dis storry me am feed up

    • Thief go rob for bank then camera catch am..then police go arrest am for house..she the criminal go say na setup say them video shop him face? Them dey fit deny video? Na wa ooo

    • At first she said it was her and now she is changing her mouth and una dey believe all….weldone ooo

  6. In the first place a true Christian can not participate in some kind of beauty pageantry, So don’t regret what and where you have finally found yourself after all you got what you wanted as a mother if not for the unfortunate exposure, you have been proud that you daughter is miss what ever. Please take heart Jehovah is with you.

    • whαt dσ чσu mєαn вч α truє chríѕtíαn wíll nσt pαrtícípαtє ín α вєαutч pαgєαnt, íѕ thαt ѕαtαníc αlѕσ? ѕσmєtímєѕ í wσndєr hσw ѕσmє pєσplє rєαѕσn

    • whαt dσ чσu mєαn вч α truє chríѕtíαn wíll nσt pαrtícípαtє ín α вєαutч pαgєαnt, íѕ thαt ѕαtαníc αlѕσ? ѕσmєtímєѕ í wσndєr hσw ѕσmє pєσplє rєαѕσn

    • Ur must be a Jehovah witness..people wey carry church for head but do d worst behind. What concerns pageantry and Christianity

  7. Madam u ar a liar! she must certainly be ur carbon copy! hw can a true christian participate in a beauty peagent? she did it delibrately to make more money- its her usual enterprise

  8. MUMMY, please don’t cry chidinma is desperate to become a model, she wants to belong to the class of big girls in town, that is wat that led her to the mess she put her self into

  9. Secondly, don’t say u don’t know wen u did it,u whole heartily agreed to do it because of the money, car,and contract that was involved.

  10. Everybody have their own life to live…i don’t blame her at all…she made a mistake by putting it on video…nobody is a saint…many people might av done theirs with different kinds of fruits or object bt didn’t make d mistake of putting it on video and therefore nobody caught them.so nobody has d right to criticise her…Cus nobody is above mistake…

  11. That is how u girls do silly things just to get money and fame others are sleeping with married men

  12. Mothers tried their possible best in bringing up their children in the right way, but the children choose to go in the wrong way. God will help dat family

  13. All parents use to carry first position back then in school, and they are all Godly… I wonder who bin de carry last position

  14. Mr poster continue your frame up. Where did you see chidinmas mum. That girl is innocent, you are not more righteously than her, you are just been uneccessarily jealous. Pls grow up and leave the beauty queen alone. You people may delay her destiny but can never stop it. A STAR IS A STAR COME WHAT MAY.

  15. You people are prolonging the issue, why not allow this matter to cool off. If speak to must you tell us?

  16. don’t worry chidimma,we all make mistakes at some point in our lives.just ask God for forgiveness n he will wash you clean n most importantly give you his peace n also delete your dark past.i strongly believe he will give you a husband that will love you n not care about what has happened to you. pls friends, enough of the critics.let’s forgive .it’s true she made a very bad mistake ,if she’s your own blood won’t you help her go through it.lets help her please so that she can still be that wonderful person she has always wanted to be,let’s help her pls.as we do the God will not let the enemy put us to shame. thanks

  17. The only truth here is that pageantry is all a scam, and girls fail to realize this things. They promise cars and the rest, but the truth is that what they will make you do before handing the car over to you. Pageantry is pure extortion. If your father is not very rich to buy the crown, then be ready to sleep your way to the crown. Many of this girls knows this but they will still chook their head into the pageant thing. Most girls that wins pageantry have sugar daddies that can sponsor their trips to places. You think it is the organization that sponsor those trips? Pageantry is not a charity organization, they are out to get their money. That’s why you hear of so much pageant names. Senseless names of pageants. It’s high time girls pick themselves up, carry their shoulder high and become a better woman. You will only reign for one year, after which your name as a queen fades like dust into the air. Be wise!

  18. Story for the gods…. Bitch shut your mouth that video didn’t look like u were under the influence if anything abeg… U did it u did it, which one is u deenor know ?? Playing the innocent card coz things went south… Taaarhh

  19. No need of crying over a split milk,the deed has been done,and there is no way to justify yourself about what you did, the video is everywhere that even your children’s children will grow up and watch it,the only thing you need now is God, to forgive and console you,

  20. Abeg una nor go lef this story about chidinma the cocumber girl? Abeg una better find another story abeg.

  21. Sometimes parents should also stop to be very stick on their daughter, do your part and leave the rest for God because training a child in a Godly way doesn’t stop her from being shown ever she wants to be, this is what the results is when your don’t let your daughter to attend a mixed school from childhood to enable her to be exposed to a normal lifestyle.

  22. Stupid gel.. But initially u were denying.. U wanted it no body forced u to do it.. U wanted fame, n u r a greedy stupid gel

  23. She should be forgiven nobody its perfect… Am sure many people out there are worst than her…people should please stop bringing up her story am sure she has learned her lesson.

  24. Am not rili sori 4 u,it ur mom am jst rili pityin,wat she’s goim thru bcus of ur silli mistake

  25. Don’t worry chidinma. The mistake has been made. The next thing is to make peace with ur creator. Do not beat yourself over this. Ask God t create a new image of you in d society.

  26. 9ja una never tire ?????? We don hear na, wetin una want mk we do???? Shuuuuuuu mk una let dis gul drink water drop cup 2moro chidinma dis chidinma dat #tnk God say man no b God oooohaba

  27. Can this gal just shut up and allow this story to fade away. Abi all these blogs no get gist again???

    • She should so do it in her room biko. I did t watch the video but I’m just pissed that shes still talking about it. Make she just hide and make d breeze blow finish

  28. Chidimma u don enjor finish u com say u no kn hw u carry cucuba de do am u don forget wen u de do am continue no stop

  29. Definitely under the influence of money and supposed fame. It’s just that you never imagined it would become public. You forgot there’s social media. Live with it one way or another. You had and enjoyed your time in the limelight as a beauty queen. You wanted to roll with the high rollers, not knowing the price for such. The devil gives nothing away without the receiver paying the price. You can now adopt l-don’t-give-a-damn attitude and continue living with the infamy as a bad girl or go into recluse and come out some years from now thoroughly chastened and changed. You can’t have it both ways. Good luck with your choice.

  30. People will say impossible things about u but what has happen has happen so just take correction from it dear

  31. I pity for her thou… But too much of everything is Evil… She usually practice it @home now becomes ‘A Habit’.. Tomorrow, she will be screaming her hubby “Dady HARDER…!!!!!!


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