News “My daughter was drugged and she is not missing” – Chidinma Okeke’s...

“My daughter was drugged and she is not missing” – Chidinma Okeke’s father says


wp-1477402910141-tileNews reports that Chidinma Okeke, the former Miss Anambra whose lewd videos recently went viral on the internet, had been declared missing by her family, are “very far from the truth”, her father has said.

Jerry Okeke, who spoke to Premium Times by phone Saturday evening, said his daughter was fine.

“My daughter is not missing and at no time did I declare her missing,” Mr. Okeke said.

Mr. Okeke said after the scandal sent shockwaves across the country, the family immediately moved to save Miss Okeke, 20, from committing suicide.

Mr. Okeke said he handed over his “little girl” to another family member because he had to travel to the family’s ancestral home for another engagement.

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He denied news report quoting him as declaring his daughter missing in the aftermath of the racy video.
“I have been trying to make contact with one of The Sun newspapers that published the story because they want to sell (market) and I will give them a seven-day notice to correct it,” Mr. Okeke said.

But The Sun says it stands by its story.

Bruce Malogo, the editor of Saturday Sun which published the story, told Premium Times the headline was appropriate for the direct quotes from Mr. Okeke, which he said were on the record.

“As it stands now, my daughter is still a small girl. I don’t know whether she is still alive or dead. But all I know is that God will prove Himself worthy to fight His children’s battle. I don’t have much to say for now,” the paper quoted Mr. Okeke as saying.

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Mr. Okeke, however, maintained his ground.

“I did not tell press man that called me from The Sun that my daughter is missing or that I couldn’t find her,” Mr. Okeke reaffirmed.

Specifically, Mr. Okeke said he told The Sun reporter that the family was holding on to God for a breakthrough in the wake of the scandal.

“I will allow them (police) to do that (their job), but I know my daughter was drugged by some people who took advantage of her as a young woman.”



  1. she is missing, now she was drugged, which one I dey even hear u ppl shud just carry ur wahala and go mtchwwwww

  2. She was drugged,mtcheew..she’s probably feeding u n ur wife dats y u don’t hv d guts to codemm her fr wat she did..drug ko medicine ni

  3. Pls give this girl a break and stop been judgmental on her.she is not the only one in this dirty game not just because she was found guilty is only God that has the right to judge her.remember what happen in the bible when the Pharisees caught the prostitute and was brought to jesus ,Jesus said that if you know that u have not committed one sin that the person should be the first to cast a stone on her and all of them left cos they re guilty of one sin or the other. Pls if Chidimma die now it is the best thing? God has the final say.thanks


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