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My Fiance Asked Me To Return The N20m And 2015 Range Rover Given To Me By My Ex


This WhatsApp conversation is of a lady who is currently in a dilemma about what to do with her fiance who asked her to return a Range Rover Sport and N20m that was given to her by her ex for her wedding.

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  1. babe abeg keep ur stuff hw wld u return 20mil in dis period of recession and ur fiance is a banker for God sake who may wake up one morning and his bank job is gone hw wld u cope. everyone has a past…..pls invest the money n.keep.ur range rover after all it was given to u by an ex

  2. Keep ur stuff joor..who he hlp,if he want u to return it let him hv u all..wats his problem..dat ur guy is an enemy of progress.. Nawaoo..use ur head..

  3. He is still ur fiance and haven’t taken u to d aisle , if he wants u to return the gift ur ex gave to you, he should provide (double) of it fr you in return…

  4. That fiancee of her’s can change at any point in time, he will cheat on u to the extend that u will regret men are enemy of progress they don’t want u to grow than them if u sell the car it still OK and buy another standard 1, keep the money and u will make use of it cos that 250k salary of his won’t take u anywhere. Cos am in that shoes b4 I got married but love make me do stupid things my sister the money is urs so keep it

  5. hmmm. my dear. don’t punish ur treasure by ur hands woo.. be very careful abt this type of men. invest it . or sponsore at least two people to study with the money. one ur relative one his relative.

  6. My dear sis,dnt return it cuz he dash u nt dt u begged…Bt return if e double d money nd get u 2 range rovers


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