Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant –Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant –Meek Mill


Just when Nicki Minaj confirms her separation from Meek Mill, the ‘All Eyes on You’ hitmaker lets her pregnancy news out of the cage.

The Philadelphia rapper makes surprising revelation (accusation sort of) that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, “I ain’t tell ya’ll about her being preg… nvm lol,” he wrote.

Meek made this known on Friday, January 6, via snapchat before he swiftly deleted the post.

Meek and Nicki broke up after dating for two years, with rumours that the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper cheated on ‘Anaconda’ crooner with a boutique owner.

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  1. The MEDIA is yet to realise peoples eyes have opened to what is fake news and what is not…you are only fooling yourself.

  2. Haha at last,but y not lil Wayne? She is almost naked in the pic there…… How can she dress that way? Well she is already pregnant and we waiting for the baby..

    • Abusing a guy like u can’t help u bro… U need to learn the definition and meaning of Facebook. Now listen very carefully let me teach u something. People that created Facebook told everyone using it that,is a place to catch fun,Make new frnds, and stay connected with family and friends easily. So u bro insulting me,simply means ur an illiterate,the money ur parents spent for u to go to school is turning out to be a waste bro… Even if the pic was edited u don’t need to use abusive word to correct me.. U need to go back to school and learn how to Talk/Chat with manners.. U lacked it and its very Important for all being to have it… Even if u insult ur uncle or ur elders in ur family or villa,just know it am not their mate.. Go back to school and learn more boy..! *Sips my chilled table water*.

    • #Ruth easy now,the laff is much now..! I know the guy have seen it but he is short of words.. I’m only saying the truth..!! I know next time he will know how to comment with manners..

    • D truth is Nicky is som1 dat does not use up 2 a yard 2 make wears 4 herself. Don was not wrong saying wat he said. Evendoh dis particular pic was fotoshoped, she can wear worst dan dis. Blaze, if u tink or kno dat 1 was or is wrong as it mayb, i dont tink insult shd b added. Tnks. No hard feelings.

    • Ur really right madam, and that’s what he should have done,correcting me don’t need any Insults.. Thanks for the advise, i hope he receive it and change from it…

  3. Looks like Photoshop though but if its true good for her I hope d baby doesn’t grow to b naked

  4. She has taken this photo before and her belly was very flat. I hail that photographing lie oh

  5. nicki sef…she don use kiss distroy meek see as him mouth dey like…(2-1+4÷9) lol

  6. meek mill is too childish..foreign fashion of davido..nicki was matured with d whole thing but he is busy dissing and making fun…even after cheating on nicki..dude still being an asshole..

  7. Photoshop! D person who did it no get sense, na meek mill mouth cum suffer for d yeye photoshop

  8. This is an illustration, deh are only using it 2 tel us a story. We al kno is a photoshp. Probarbly, deh av not seen or lay hands on her pregnancy pics.

  9. Hello, of course, this is not Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy photo. Its an illustration to drive the message home.


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