Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nicki Minaj trolls her fans with pregnancy photos

Nicki Minaj trolls her fans with pregnancy photos


US rapper, Nicki Minaj is currently causing confusion online. Last night she shared a pregnant photo of herself with the caption, ‘ATBIMS. y’all so childish.. – I was gonna wait to share the news but…’

Her caption doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head and her fans are torn between congratulating her or concluding the viral picture was photoshopped. Of course she’s just trolling her fans…



  1. Nicky…after all av dn 4 u…this is how u repay me…anyways am not angry…just invite me 4 the dedication…

  2. Nicki na only kiss I kiss you, u come carry belle.. I’m even ready to be a father now please..

  3. which pregnancy? My friend go continue your sleep or you wan join Rita Dominic in dream world.

    • Why would you say that who the hell do you think you are. If they can’t get pregnant naturally as you think haven’t you heard of ivf. Plz shot your mouth fool

    • What concern Rita Dominic in Niki affair MIND wat you say in social network becareful young man

  4. Is it drake or meek mill because am not sure that just one night in my house can cause u to be pregnant, u better say the father now b4 I loose my temper

  5. They af start again. Na to make sure say dem still dey popular. How only Beyonce go dey trend na? She gats trend too na

  6. I’ll be highly disappointed if Nikky gives birth to either a boy or a girl at the end of the day because the noise about this pregnancy is 2 much…na today psn don dey get belle?

  7. Can she even handle motherhood , Wats she gonna teach her children ? Hw to show off dere naked bodies

    • Mr preacher or what should i call you…ok i remember god himself, look @ u talking bullshit, what did you know about “motherhood”? Why am i even talking to you, you are in hell

  8. What’s with the celebrity preg bump?… Are they all doing it same time or what?… Anyway I like nicki fineness but gosh her accent disgust me.. She has this awkward intonation while talking I mean.. But while rapping or singing?… It tends to be normal…

  9. Lolzz… B4 u know now,,,every gurl in ma street will start getting pregnant,, all in the name of #nicky & #beyonce’s pregnancy #trend!!! Abeg lemme come and start going oh!!! I jez wish Valentine will also be cancelled!!!!


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