News Nigerian Girl Publicly Declares & Dedicates Her “Private Part” To Her Boyfriend...

Nigerian Girl Publicly Declares & Dedicates Her “Private Part” To Her Boyfriend On Social Media (SCREENSHOTS)


Chai… this girl don craze o!

The picture of Nigerian lady from Edo state, has gone viral on the internet as she took to her Facebook wall to gush about her undying love for her boyfriend.

The lady who was identified as Oboh Mercy O Oboh on Facebook, who studied Law at Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, posted a picture of her boyfriend with a very controversial caption that says, she has dedicated her ‘private part’ to him.

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  1. WTF!!!!!! Must u announce it publicly on social media. And he is not even ur husband but ur boyfriend and u r already giving ur private thing to him. Girl u r so foolish…. The guy can just use u and dump u and deny ever having any physical contact wih u… Girl, if u love ur future, wake and wise up

  2. This girl is damn stupid… Afterall, eventhough we question her, she will say it’s her life, not ourz. Sha, na her life. Make she play with her destiny as she like am

  3. Boyfriend? not even husband. That girl must be high on something, she better be taken to the asylum, to reduce the number of mad people about to roam the street

    • Egwu Martin Chukwuma I think you lack understanding, giving a guy yourself is quiet different from coming to social media to rant about it. Pls keep off my comment, I never asked for you opinion

  4. Don’t worry your private part will feed you when the time come. You think that boy will still marry you, even if he was having the intension to do that. You have just let his friends to see how wide or small your pussy is, cus there is no way one or two of his friend will not be among your friends on social media. If i was to be your guy, i will call you over to my house, after enjoying what you dedicated to me, i will tell you it’s over between both of us.

  5. Sis come here,,,no ooo don’t be scared just come…Oya kneel let us pray,,,,say after me,,,every spirit playing with my destiny like HULL CITY oya die by fire….Oyaaaaa Aduraaaaaa

  6. We have seen a lot of this,bet me this infatuation won’t survive this year,it will soon crash then you will regret what you did.

  7. He probably bought her something expensive that day… Maybe an iphone7…. Or have her plenty money… Either way… She got something… Lol… I am a girl.. I know how we reason

  8. And u expect him to marry u after diz?? Ur name means yansh in Yoruba sef oboh….Am not surprised…How market???

  9. Wetin concern me…. If u like dedicate your womb for him… Na your own palarva… Am on wheel make I face road jare

  10. Nah you guys getting this wrong. The worst part is that someone somewhere is gonna marry her.. Chai

  11. women are the reason men tend to misbehave. Women are also the reason why men don’t see anything in being infidels. Women dnt value themselves. They forget we r combination of “man and woman” it is not easy to multi task…how many men do it? There a lot of amazing thns women do evryday dt shld make a man cry Wen a woman threatens to leave his life. Imagine ds useless caption…d other one was “she wld not leave her hubby if he cheats…all men cheat” who does dt? No regard for her own self, no integrity.

  12. Y won’t guys take we ladies 4 granted?Imagine wat ur posting on line 4 d whole world 2 see. Lemme even ask u dis quz,duyu fink ur d only 1 he’s dating?wat u juz did now is enuf reason 4 him 2 start misbehaving, my dear use ur head n U nid Jesus as well.

  13. Gistreel is becoming something else. Dont post rubish when u are not sure of it. That lady is a law student who posted a pix of her boyfriend without a comment, suddenly a hater of hers screengrabed the picture on her wall and edited it to the above nonsense. Be careful the way u spoil people’s prestige

    • Its real,I know her too well she can post worst things than that,her mum is a prophetess and her church is beside my family house.

  14. Imagine that the guy dumps you and you finally meet the man of your dreams who goes through your timeline on Fb,your posts on IG and discovers this.Winsh no pack ur shit ooo I swear na u dey do yourself….

  15. So speechless don’t even knw wat to say, some ladies shaa they r so dumb. Wat concerns me? After its ur pussy, bt I help U join ur womb dedicate to him.. Mtchweee

  16. That’s the reason y women loose dere value by the day, cos everyday women keep misbehaving, and the most annoying part is we do it for d Sam men dat thinks were worthless.

    • What is pussy? No matter how much he fucks her, it won’t finish.. So what’s there to be shy about? I’m very sure you’re not a virgin..stop the pretence jor.. You hide your own, she decides to come out open and you wanna judge..

  17. Uwaa emebigo, final chai.ifele eme. Tufiakwa! Bia ebe a ka m welu ULA masia GI ndi muo na anya.

  18. People sef, person just talk her mind and una wan kill her with una bad mouth, wen does it bcm a crime for someone to express her feelings? Pretenders wey full for Facebook, oh girl pls wider your phone , oya bobo insert your simcard , lol, nothing do una,

  19. you can still get paid without referring anyone within 48 hours, but if u refer someone you get paid with 12hours 10k to get 30k 15k to get 60k..the earlier u join the earlier you start making money.

  20. So even with her level of education she still went ahead to say these rubbish? isorite am waiting for d next post which will be ‘so my people I dated this guy for 40 yrs no marriage proposal not knowing he’s been married for 39 yrs and all his kids are now married and now I have entered menopause what do I do?

  21. Ur mates are dedicating their brains for skill acquisition, bizness ideas, and so on…ur hear dedicating wats left of ur private part to a dude who only sticks around jus for sex.

  22. U guys shouldn’t judge her oh. It could be that d guy is a machine and satisfies her well. Not many women are satisfied sexually

  23. What is JESUS waiting for to come again? Hmmmm, before they will snap and tag prices…………… God have mercy!!!!!

  24. dere is sometin i call “heat of the moment” dats wen u get carried away cos of wat someone did/is to u and nt tinking the consiquence……she probably tinks dat d relationship is forever….ds will serve as a deterent to ladies….guys see ds as been cheap


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