News Nigerian graduate deported from South Africa sets up ‘mama put’ business (Photos)

Nigerian graduate deported from South Africa sets up ‘mama put’ business (Photos)


This Nigerian graduate was reportedly deported from South Africa and he has resorted to the “Mama put” business… in Anambra State..

The photos have gone viral after Facebook user, Timothy Motivator Ofoegbu, shared them.

Yesterday, we stopped at Ihiala at Anambra State to eat. We were directed to an open air mini restaurant inside the bus park. To my utmost surprise, the cook and operator is a male graduate called NWA SOUTH. His real name is Chijioke. The food was yummy, delicious and well served. I was number 17 to be served and he served over 10 more people while I eat. Lowest price was 200 naira. He told me he served between 250 and 300 people every day. He is called Nwa South because he was deported from South Africa. Instead of endless search of elusive jobs, he turned his cooking passion into business and he is now smiling to the bank. Leave your comfort and complain zone this year and start something that will earn you daily or monthly income.”

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  1. MAMA PUT na im sure pass for that kind of place and I am led to wonder if despite being a graduate and coupled with the economy situation of the country which has forced him to create the business..would he have accepted an offer of starting the business in the first place before he travelled to South Africa?!..

  2. Poor government,no job, no electricity,no good roads… abeg what are we enjoying sef??•••

  3. At least, he Is better than all those who will take to drugs dealing and kidnapping. I pray he succeed. Amen I

  4. Una dey talk una own meanwhile,bobos dey make im dole.on a seriouse note money dey d bizness!

  5. He will still make it from here with God on his side. No business is bad for as long as u no how to carry ur self and what I do

  6. Destiny can be delayed but can’t b denied.. Instead of sitting at home jobless its good he got himself self employed


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