Art & Humour Nigerian Guy Declares His “Next Mission” On Facebook, And It’s Going To...

Nigerian Guy Declares His “Next Mission” On Facebook, And It’s Going To Shock You!


He literally took to Facebook to state what you see above… really… we must at least salute his courage and assertiveness of his mission.

Can you imagine?! Nawa oh!



  1. Nothing we no go hear oh. No need blocking her face already seen it in other places

  2. Determined guys have the mission to succeed this new year and your own is to have sex. Brother just come forward, no just come forward, am not going to beat you, just come. Now place your hand on your head and shout with all your strength, every follow follow demon from my village against me, die by fire. Pls brother pray!

  3. This guy is a waste of sperm and time….How can you think of sex this moment??•••

  4. And later the moron would be wondering why he’s not moving forward. When your mates have already started to work towards achieving their tangible new year resolutions you’re planning on nonsense

  5. When others r busy makings plans on how to succeed in life, ur busy wasting ur time on how to have sex.. May God have mercy on u

  6. Bro your village witches who wasted your time truout last year av come out clear to destroy you dis 2017 go there let dem pray for u… If I say u suld cum here n I heal u dey may bounce back on me…. #motherfucker


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