Viral News Nigerian guy releases nude photos of girl caught dating friend’s father

Nigerian guy releases nude photos of girl caught dating friend’s father


Guys see.. There are hoes everywhere… These hoes don’t come in form of your enemies. but your best friends..

There was a mild drama that played out last night.. and we’re trying to uncover everything that happened! But here’s what we know!

A group of friends found out that one of them, Yinka with the twitter handle (@Cindramoy – she has changed her handle), was bonking another friend’s father..

A male friend found out… and he released the nude photos Yinka sent to the older man.

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Here are leaked Whatsapp conversation between Yinka and Her Friend’s father.Yinka became sorry.

Now, the shocking thing is.. Yinka isn’t the only one sleeping with her Friends Father.. Looks like the Friend’s father is a rich man! Another friend of theirs, Olaitan was also exposed for sleeping with that same man:

Read what insiders sent to subdeliveryman:

See chat between the father and Olaitan.



  1. WHAT A SHAME! It is not even right to send a nude picture of you to your boyfriend

  2. Shez just sleeping with her nau.. until she have a sexual interaction with him before i will comment.

  3. Gistreel u now said I suld respect ladies… Which kind respect dis one deserve? Her father’s friend more like her father… Ladies re one kind even ur siblings ll disrespect u not minding you re brother to her just because she’s dating a guy of your age even if she’s not, dat character is inbuilt for ladies, disrespect n pride.To now talk of d one dating his fathers mate, she ll disrespect d whole family… Is not her fault but dose foolish men….(baba agbaya)Sleeping with them make dose ladies look we guys like nothing call us broke guys.Thank God for my life b4 u can even padle your mouth like badagry canoe u look me twice… All dis old men doing such na thunder go struck u like doctor priscription… 12dose daily… U don’t notice all dose small small gals using big fones n you check there background nothing they don turn to runs gal.. D only different BTW dem n prostitute is day ll come back om to slip under their papa roof @night.. Paytime olosho….

  4. But wait ooo,d stupid man dat sleeps with his daughter’s best friend is really… hmmm… ur child’s friend is like ur child too!!!!

  5. We yung guys whr neva marry dn suffer… After na still a fellow yung nigga go marry dt public pussy witout knowing d number of dicks she has fucked includin her friends dad.

  6. The ladies are not at fault since they are after the old good for nothing riches but the old fools that are being controlled by the untamed dangling thing between their thigh are the real senseless idiots

  7. No one have to be blame among them no one is no longer a child no one is an idiot no one is senseless all are matured even if you have to blame is the girl because she go for the money


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