Art & Humour Nigerian Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Booked Her a...

Nigerian Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Booked Her a N500k Economy Class Instead Of a Business Class


This is hilarious… and at the same time heartbreaking.

Above is a trending Whatsapp chat between two bros…

The boyfriend said he paid N500,000 for his girlfriend’s ticket to Dubai.. and even promised to give her N1million for shopping..

But everything went into the gutters when the girlfriend complained that he booked an Economy Class flight for her.. which cost him a whooping N500k, instead of a business class..

LOL, and they broke up! see The chat below:

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  1. Lol this kind girl suit most men dat dnt appreciate what they have dey follow white or na half fish u call her,i hope he is not married cos if the wife see this if naa me I will laugh hmmmm nonsense bitch

  2. Even if I’m dangote, I pray 2God that may I never meet a lady like this. May I never even see her in Jesus Name. Amen.

  3. On a second thought, in my own opinion, I think u r a fool. A v big fool to do this much for a lady u r not even married to. My thought is… U didn’t work for the money. MyAdvice: Go and marry b4 u dare being a man. But if u r married, then the girl knows wht she’s doing.


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