Weird and Strange Nigerian Lady Hospitalized After Her Boyfriend Ran Away With Her N800k

Nigerian Lady Hospitalized After Her Boyfriend Ran Away With Her N800k


A lady allegedly gave her boyfriend 800k. And he blocked her afterwards.

Lol. The ‘Men are scum’ movement would have something to say.

The guy though. We would bring you more update as they come.

See how her couzsin reported it.



  1. Funny…. She trusted her boyfriend to an xtent she could do anything for him…. This guy have been staying with her and pretending as if he loved, but it was mainly to get something 4rm her. Now that he has gotten it, d guy fled 4 his life… The girl na mumu

    • My dear dis one no be Mumu, see if you love someone dere nothing u can not do for de person, some guys nko who has helped they girls too because of love ,dat guy any were he is, e will suffer it

    • See this one oh. I know what is intimate luv not foolish luv that will make the person mumu. If that the guy is her husband, that will be a different case, but the guy is her BOYFRIEND, not husband oh, BOYFRIEND! Bcos of foolish luv, she decided to give d guy N800K, not even N80K but N800k just to use and travel out not that the guy wants to start business but to travel out. Hw did she now imagine that after u’ve given the guy such a huge sum in this recession just to travel out, the guy will come back for her? Sha, as this thing has happened to her, i hope she has learnt her lesson by not trusting any man called ur boyfriend to an xtent of giving him huge sum bcos of luv…

    • Not all guys love girls bcos they really do, but to get something 4rm them that will benefit them(the guys)… Ladies, watch out oh…

  2. He duped her of 800k and feels he will make it abi? That’s why some of them gets imprisoned and they will be blaming their village people.

  3. Eyah! Sorry dear, try nd stand back on ur feet, forget d idiot, he has done his own nd I believe Kama will definitely catch up with him. I don’t blame u girl bt next time don’t trust too much so as nt to get hurt much nd also if u wants to borrow anybody money, borrow them d one u can give out…. Guys are jerks sometimes# mouth sealed.

  4. She haven’t done something bad by giving him money to achieve his dream…. But d guy is an ingrate n he ll not go scotfree. Don’t blame the gal cos is not a crime to love n do anything to make your partner happy…. God heal you in that hospital n give u grace to overcome the pain. Sorry dear, I know aw you feel

  5. I sometimes wonder how a man could be so wicked!!..Even if he wanted to dump the lady he could have at least refunded the money and later end the relationship!..I can only imagine the situation of the lady right now but as it is not my problem!. I dare say the man/guy has been cursed and he will not prosper in whatever he does in that country

  6. 800k? This one rich die. Na these kind girls I go like date oh. But that guy broke a big trust . and that money will be a curse for him

  7. Love no go fit carry me so tey I go trust boyfriend with that big money except my husband

    • Why would a lady trust a boyfriend with such huge amount of money? A guy you don’t even know if he would marry you. I can’t do it I repeat except for my husband

  8. You don’t need to be told about girls #Desire, maybe if the guy told her what he wants to do with the money she won’t dare give it to her because she will have a second thought. Now the guy borrowed the money and flew away… Girlie calm down and pray you didn’t die because you won’t regret it. Just pray he remembers you wherever he is.

  9. Una don talk una own finish…baba dey where e dey now dey flex d money…assume it was her sister DAT was in need of maybe 50k…she will say she doest have money…na boyfrnd she pack 800k give,and am sure its not d first time she has given him dis huge amount…u never hospitalize finish…u go remain for d hospital… Rubbish.

  10. Do u know how much she have been collecting from him for that 4yrs they spent together maybe the guy they calculate am for so long he now used the opportunity and collect all his money back lolz

  11. This story is nonsense, the lady borrowed money for guy travel abroad and guy disappeared, that mean he had travelled, so let her pray for him to remember her, not faint and spending money in hospital again!!

    • Meaning you can do such also…imagine your statement well she is at fault after why did she give him

    • U women are full of infatuations,and crazy over nothing; life is a gamble, u loss and sometime win, so i expected her to know better, why killing yourself over a mistake, let her come out of the hospital and fixe her mess!!

  12. Men Dont deserve any sacrifice, the Dont know what is love and its always mean,most of them have evil mind,I can’t give any guy,my one kobo….

    • if u think all men are d same u shud start dating a different class of men becos some men wud say all women are d same and we have female prostitutes all around,it does not mean u r one

  13. Men generally both husband or boyfriend they are unpredictable ….is just GOD. That’s why u see many guys confused with their lives , in prison, having untimely death, running mad or after achieving their goal “, got married to another woman and before u knew it problems every where they start having serious illness which their forth father’s hasn’t experienced…. D keep running away from there houses going from one joint, club, hanging out with round table when u see them in ur mind u will think they are enjoying……. D are not….. D are suffering

  14. 800,000 that will i crease my business nai she carry give that her so called boyfriend, the babe get mind ooo……with all this happening she still trusted the guy well she fall my hand but make she shake body leave that hospital bed because life moves on ,she can’t change things but with prayers God will see her thru

  15. I wud av said na love bt dz 1 no b love na Stupidity of d Highest Order. Abeg u dey borrow guys 20naira nowadays nt 2 talk of 800k wen no say una don marry. Abeg since u dey work 4 CBN cum borrow me 50k make i no do ova sabi. He myt cal bck if he cares 4 u which z under mayb. Get wel soon o

  16. Hmmmm she loved nd trusted him and he took it as an advantage to hurt her God will pay him back for dis Sis dont worry karma will soon catch up wit him After acquring wealth, he will be duped in Jesus name AMEN·

  17. Bros you better return her money back so that the gal and there’s family, friends Will stop cursing you

  18. Stp condermin d gal 4 Heaven sake! Wot is rong in helping som1 she luvs? Well… Its ok, 1 gud turn dservs anoda. Since its a crime n foolishness on d part of evry giver mind u ,dos of u condemning her will 1day sik 4 help n u will Neva get cos dis will also serv as a lesson 2 any1 who will wanna help u in anyways! Den u will no hw it fils. Dey cal it selfish n stinginess if u dnt help n wen u help,dey tag u as mumu n stupid #appreciations Won’t cost a tin. I jus hop she survive dis

  19. The guy just blocked his own success.. Cos he might end up been the gurl driver wen he come bk. Fools of the highest order

  20. The guy na idiot. This is why ladies no longer trust guys of nowadays coz they feel we are all the same

  21. This is a simple case…. as long as he breath in air and his leg still touch the ground, i will bring him back

  22. Zero registration fee , online jobs for full-time house wife’s, works like magic, am earning already

  23. Who gives boyfriend 800k ….and to travel out!!! A mumu! Even husband dey run with 100k …lolllllzzzzzz

  24. i dnt blame d guy coz wat goes arround comes arround if i should see that opportunity i wnt miss used it life is an opportunity when u c it grab it i pray that God will bring ur own maga too n i will advise u 2 start paying tieth

  25. This kind of man is d main reason why most women don’t like suffering with a man or standing by him till he is made, they rather prefer already made money bc most men don’t remember d sacrifices d babe made for them to be where they r today, immediately they are made U become old school or fool or mugu whichever way he tags it without knowing in d real sense dat he is d fool who forgets dat God is not asleep

  26. Tell her to upload d picture of d guy so dt he can be known to people surely somebody will identify him


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