Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nigerian Male Barbie Bobrisky Shares His Before And After Bleaching Photos

Nigerian Male Barbie Bobrisky Shares His Before And After Bleaching Photos


Nigeria’s infamous male barbie is at it again and he’s simply telling everybody he doesn’t care.

In new photos shared, he compared himself now to his appearance before the radical change.

While he’s trying to make us believe he has flawless skin, we know better as revealed recently by users who spotted him.



  1. That girl sorry boy looks handsome before than now that he is looking like over ripped paw paw. Anyway bobrisky kwontinu but when you get to the judgment throne on the last day and you didnt match with the picture on Angel Gabriel laptop, pls don’t blame anyone, just go straight to hell

  2. In the New Oxford dictionary, The name Bobrisky is synonym to waste.. Usage : * Hey, one litre of kerosene is N500 please don’t bobrisky it * This food no sweet, I’ll bobrisky it.. * President Buhari is always bobriskyin Nigeria’s money on travelling.. * I just bought this soap, don’t bobrisky it

  3. Asin person wey ugly and black like dis dey bleach and looks pure white??well,of course i know he is an ugly faggot…well,i think the media should stop dis advertisement they r doing..trying to make dis fools famous since our government doesn’t know that there is a law against gay practice…

  4. This local bitch again… Please leave him alone media… I know God ll arrest your heart one day. Lets all be praying for him

  5. This is the kind of change Nigeria needs, i hope APC is Seeing this, he cleaned up very nice.

  6. I just love this guy for no reason …Bob muahhh still ur number one fan #muchlovefrommetoyou#

  7. Gistreel are you sick? When will you stop all this nonsense post, wetin concern me with bobrisky,

  8. Bia. Come. If your face did not match with the one on Angel Gabriel’s laptop on judgement day don’t just argue, just go straight to hell

  9. You are a big fool for changing The way God created u and why He did not made u female these na big disgrace for men side.

  10. U ar stupid i pity ur parent useles human being u ar a disgrace to b address as a man I wish u no aw handsum u ar bfor bleachn

  11. Fuck the helloutofmyface..am talking about the hike in price of rice n u r here telling me about bleaching…who cares

  12. Bobyrisky abi weytin dem dey call u…….u dey even wear gown like woman omg I cover my yash with blood of onye nso(Jesus)

  13. He looks really cute in his b4 pic… Awww why would he turn himself into the pale duck he is now?

  14. God created you just the way He wanted you to be but u chose to recreate yourself and make a terrible living thing, I pity you

  15. U are just a useless boy honestly,I pity people that makes u feel too important because if its only me? My dear nobody go know if u ever existed on this earth.

  16. Well at least he’s begining to look like Micheal Jackson without the nose tho smh. But Micheal was lit in talent and his career, all bobrisky do is osheee badest.

  17. Come to think of it. …I think this fag is paying all this social media. .that’s why they always post his disgusting stories all day

  18. I never saw your before but you look more handsome and responsible in it that this second hand expired look of yours now

  19. Mr Bob pls this is not a gud life for a man like u,why not think of the end time and give u life to GOD

  20. Dis guy must be cursed, at least he was even better before changing into an albino. disgusting!

  21. By the way is that man or woman, bcs the two pics does not even look alike . But if that is the same person hmmm I pity him oo no be me talk am.

  22. Are we just seeing is before picture? What’s the fuss about? Why is this even in the news? #StopMakingStupidPeopleFamous mbok

  23. Well u wouldnt b d first an u woudnt .b d last micheal jackson has done his own an gone is left for u an ur skin

  24. Just pray you don’t get sickness that will require a surgery because hmmmmm I will be too sorry for you when all your body will be licking like tap …….best of luck

  25. damn u are soo cute b4 but now hmmmm,let me come and be going o.i which u can turn back d hands of time

  26. Chaiiii this guy na fine bobo before, y then did he allow the devil to use him??may God forgive you,this I pray

  27. Fool handsome guy see hw u waste ur life abeg sodom nd gomorrah neva do pas dese generation oooo….God abeg come blow trumpet

  28. u were very handsome b4 but,now u look very ugly like over ripped pawpaw. ask God to forgive you for abusing him for d natural color he give to u aboki

  29. U too see hw God made u very handsome n cool bt nw see wht u v turn ur seif to….U seif kw it na dnt let say it

  30. This Thing!why do these people choose to give him importance nah?mtcheww If nobody carries his gist he will fade away and know he’s worthless.Useless somebori

  31. Shey as u bleach.. if you born remember to bleach your child too… That is if you decide to have one….

  32. This one needs real deliverance with 47 bottles of original olive oil produced in Saudi Arabia anointed by 21 powerful men of God and in addition he will receive 75 physical and spiritual slaps from me to clear this madness out of his demonic head.

  33. Just like the bleaching leaders bfor u, so shall u face same problem with them, remember Michael Jackson, he was sooooooo dam rich n yet his skin could peel off. Bob Risky abi biscuit, remember say u Neva hold reach Michael. The decay n moni u ll spend is still attending Five Nights Of Glory

  34. People should stop insulting this guy and leave God to judge him. Use your time to advice your siblings, cousins , children and the society not to emulate risky bob as his name implies.

  35. Abeg make Una leave that fine,handsome good for nothing evalasting idiot…see as the idiot look like over ripe pawpaw wey birds(life)don feed on and don tire only waiting for his death to come…


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