Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Nigerian man converts motorcycle into high heel shoe that can be moved...

Nigerian man converts motorcycle into high heel shoe that can be moved (photo)


Meet Danladi Ibrahim, a 23-year-old Nigerian man based in Kaduna who converted a motorcycle into a high-heeled shoe that can be moved.

How creative is Danladi Ibrahim’s invention??

According to Splufik Nigerians, Danladi was only seven years old when he started going to his father’s shop to watch how he repaired different bicycles. A decade later, having developed much
interest, he decided to drop out of Rimi College, Kaduna to venture into welding after which he became a motorcycle mechanic.

Ibrahim now uncouples and repair things formerly strange to him. One of his many inventions is a two-wheel motorcycle he reconstructed to a tricycle shaped like a lady’s shoe.

“I was mocked but I did not give up,” said the 23-year-old.

“I’m very happy to have proved myself worthy against the doubts of so many people who felt I was just wasting my time. They watched me as I made those unique items and I’m glad I’ve never been involved in any form of accident.

“I have been riding it for two years now and I did the test drive on a distance of about 25 km. Along the way, the police overtook me and asked me to park and I complied. I thought they wanted to arrest me, but to my astonishment, they brought out their phones and took a snapshot of me.”

According to Danladi, no government agency like the NBTI, NDE or a technical institution like Kaduna Polytechnic or Technical College Malali has ever contacted him on how he can develop or teach youngsters in a joint partnership. He also urges parents to encourage their children to acquire skills, especially when they are still young.

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Source – Instagram/SplufikNigerians



  1. Lol… Someone! Anyone! Take this man to Korea or Japan… This moveable shoe needs to be upgraded…. Joor!

  2. Beautiful work of art…nobody will wear it obviously, but it will look awesome in any art gallery…..kuddos oga

  3. Lol, Naija staying innovative since 17 AD Nice one sha Our problem be say as we don produce all these things, we nor dey fit use am

  4. A girl tried to insult me last week… She said I wear a high hill bigger than ur dick.. I didn’t get it till now when I saw this pix

  5. convertin useful tn into uselez tnz..of wt importance cn dis shoe b..talent shld b used fr tnz wt purpose

  6. No government person will invest in this kind of people or pay attention to this kind of innovation but they can put some mature guys and babes in a house for 3 months to be eating,gossipping and be fingering each other for 24 million

  7. Abeg Nigeria get talent only be say no body they care about the talent that’s why the thing they lost

  8. Waow, dis guy should be applauded fr his creativity !!! Oyinbo will celebrate dis innovation ,in fact ,his name will be written in guineas book of world record .

  9. ooh no, u shld av come a white man where ur talent will get lucrative exhibition with total recognition & improvement, even if d govt mistakenly give u attention, those african nigerian witches will still hunt u down to ur grave, sorry for missing d road to europe or America, same thing applies to many genius in Africa niger.

  10. nice picec of art my dear unfortunately the gov are total useless they dont no what is science talkless of invention this wounderful did my man is up continoue for the useless gov you dont diserver and thumbs

  11. Why should it always be govt, govt, govt,??? Why can’t normal or a regular Nigerian that is wealthy and has the wherewithal to invest in these innovations, provided it is worthy of investment. We need to understand that Govt cannot do everything. After combating Boko Haram, poverty, unemployment, epileptic power supply, inflation, killings in southern Kaduna, IPOB, Niger Delta Avengers, Herdsmen/Farmers clash, even economic recession, and the list still goes on. Note that, nobody would invest in something that is obviously fruitless and not investment-worthy. We just have to change our mindset, sometimes.

  12. We are always creative, dis man should be given the neccessary training and he would become an inventor in this country nd for the benefit of the country. Our leaders have a problem of identifiying nd building talents, if nt something like this should nt jst stop here on facebook, it should be promoted and withtime u would see the benefit and other who can create things would be encouraged to do more…… presently the youths dnt even care cos nobody in the government cares to promotr thier products….keep it up man


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