News Nigerian man disowns daughter and her mother on Guardian newspaper (photo)

Nigerian man disowns daughter and her mother on Guardian newspaper (photo)

A Nigerian man from Osun state, Olaniran Anthony Igbaroola spent N400,000 on an ad space oin Guardian newspaper to tell the whole world he is not the biological father of Enitan Olanike Keji, pictured below.
And that he’s also not the husband to her mother, Boladale Arike.
He obviously found out through DNA test that Enitan wasn’t his child. Wow!



  1. so sad lozx people should learn to live up to there expectation as a family exposing problems that should solve amicable in secrrt.

  2. na fire dey ontop of the man head,na only hin one dey face crisis?instead of him to find solutions,he is expanding his problem,bt oga hope u wil also disown your house and give it to another person?

  3. Its so sad waking up one morning to discover that the child you call yours is not biologically your own, just move on, May God strengthene you to bear this

  4. women don’t talk.If a woman would wake up one day and tell you that your father is a fulaniman,then your eyes will widen

  5. If not mentally affected or spiritually touch den autopsy have make him know d daughter is not his own… Sorry man…. Who invent dis Autopsy gan… It always open blood secret…. Lolzzz. Only the wise fellow will understand

  6. Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. And they are both disappointed.

  7. You sure say na the man disowned the daughter or na the daughter disowned the man

  8. E be like say the man don use kerosene take drink garri, if not why on heart will he disown his family

  9. Oga you’re not the only person to experience this fake child thing, but atleast act mature n train her to be like yours. please Seek advice before you do something drastic

  10. And so, y much talk here, life goes on, sope tie wat of pepu DAT all the children der wife gave birth to, non is der own, won GBA fun olorun ni now, u are just shouting here at your own loss, wat of all d money u av spent on her and ur love and care, be wise.

  11. Some pple just take action nd decision by themselve, and that is soo bad, devil is at hand nd can make u do anything wen u are angry thats y if u re angry just find a place to calm down so u can thing of wat to do

  12. If dis is true, it is wrong in all ramification,,,,, how can you give another man child to another …..meaning she was not faithful to her marriage vows….

  13. Yess! No chill for you man. what the he’ll could they have done for you that made you take this huge decision?

  14. That man is insane o .. .. He is jst busy expanding his problms Instead of look for solution….small small before u end up disowning urself.


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