News Nigerian man loses his wife after she gave birth to triplets (photos)

Nigerian man loses his wife after she gave birth to triplets (photos)


According to Isibor who shared the sad news, Nigerian man lost his wife after she gave birth to triplet. Below is what he wrote:

‘We must appreciate the women who put their lives on the line just to bear us children. Mothers must be celebrated as long as they live.

A friend of Kola Edokpayi lost his dear wife after she was born of these angels. While we pray that God comforts and the family left behind.

Two Kidnappers Arrested For Luring Little Children With N50 And Selling Them For N10,000

He needs some support to help cater for the needs of these little ones.

Amafe Jessica and Kola Edokpayi can be reached if you want to offer some help.



  1. And people will still click like on this sad post,,,wonder what they’re liking…This is the end to ur sadness,,,may God bless n protect those wonderful kids for u

  2. Ehya,may her soul rest in peace.I pray lord give u the strength to take care of ur beautiful babies

  3. Lol, everybody be saying take heart, the lord is ur strength, sorry for the loss of ur wife, who told you guys that he will be the one to take care of the triplets? This is also a form of advert to the government, the guy is covered already,


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