Viral News Nigerian man lovely birthday shoutout to his white wife is trending…

Nigerian man lovely birthday shoutout to his white wife is trending…


Nigerian guy, Adebiyi Muizz took to his Facebook to celebrate his white wife as she turned a year older today.

This guy’s amazing and lovely birthday shoutout to his wife is trending. The couple got married last year.

He wrote

‘My love and respect grows for you with each passing year. I am truly blessed to have you as my life partner. The various ups and downs that we have faced together in the life have further strengthened our bonding, love and respect for each other. May you be blessed with the choicest blessings from dear God? There never be any sad moment in your life. You always remain happy and cheerful, this year and in years to come. Love you from the bottom of my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ONE AND ONLY MRS ADEBIYI, I LOVE YOU Susan Smith’.

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Love is beautiful.



  1. Did you say wife or grandma, hmmm this love is not blind ooo, it has 7 eyes which is looking for American citizenship

  2. What Green card had joined together,, let no one put asunder… Even tho she’s old enough to be your grandma,, age is but a number.. That’s love speaking … Happy Birthday to your Love..

  3. If dis guy is an igbo guy, some people will vomit nonsense from their gutter mouths…chai dis one na green card love.

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  5. Blood of Jeremiah! But oboy u think say dis old woman no get sense.. Until she die, green card u no go see, money for where.. U don engage ursef for hell fire. Dis guy dey chop dry fish.. Una no no wetin he dey pass through.

  6. Go boi the hrt wants wat d hrt want. Good that u using ur brain very early.Ur benefits awaits u. # saints would u have dated this boy knowing his background, do u knw d number of fail relatnshps hes been prev in2 here? Or is there an age diffrences law on the 10 commandments? Until things happen things will not happen. Free d boi joor. Congrats

  7. This is not love. Cos these boys will see our grand mothers in the village and they won’t marry them but rather settle with white old Cargos. This is not love

  8. E wan pain people die…like say una no get una own life! Happy birthday your ur Wife Jawe! Be Happy together!!!

  9. This is not love Human race tends to be much in love with money than their fellows human When a girl start growing breast she becomes happy but she dnt know that it is the same breast that separated her from her mother

  10. Na ur business go marry ur own, my dear shine ur a no dohlin opportunity comes but once so collect as much as you can

  11. Egbami ke? What’s happening naw… White wife??? Can’t this woman give birth to you Well, that’s not the issue bothering us now #abegbuharistillnevercomeback?

  12. Good one i support this gbagbam even if she’s grandmother at least she left something behind and beside not everything time they will be cheating us lady’s

  13. Hmmmmmmm… comment just passing….all I know is that the igwe must hear this….let me come and be going

  14. When dem go marry like that,them go come Nigeria come dey find fresh girl to carry clean play head,may God have mercy on you guys.

  15. Ooboy collect plenty money from her con establish ur oil company for Niger andconm bacback one fine grl bele

  16. Pple should learn to mind their biznes o jere. Stop judging other people, u are not in their shoes

  17. I know dis is a joke,,,,, he is jes taking a pics with his grand ma on her birthday,,,,,,, u look beautiful granny even in old age

  18. Nothing way Lazyness no dey cause now.and d funny part is Lazy person do hard Job in a cunny way.omo ale.olosi to NBA egbe iya e sun.meaning stupid boy wet dey sleep with him mama age mate.


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