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Nigerian music producer, Melvitto, reveals how Wizkid, Tekno, Iyanya, Wande Cool and Mr. Eazi treated him with utter disdain


Nigerian music producer Melvitto, took to Twitter to share his bitter experience of how they producers are good enough to help the artistes, but, not good enough to hug the limelight with them.

In his words below, he stated that his beat was used and another producer was given the credit in Mr Eazi’s Accra to Lagos’ mixtape.

Read his rant below…

I remember when people didn’t want to work with me cause my beats weren’t “African” enough

I remember when people didn’t want to work with me cause my beats weren’t “African” enough

Now everybody wanna use xylophone and marimbas in their beats.

I remember when people used to say a’won boyz were serious, always have critique but never solutions

then commas got on fader and everybody wanted to know how that happened.

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I remember all the times we opened up for free and we ain’t even get to meet the headliner

And all the times we shut the show down before they got on stage

I remember all the times people wanted to “build” something special and really only looked out for themselves

I remember the time we opened for wiz, they told us come to soundcheck, waited for 3 hrs and didn’t get a chance to soundcheck

I remember the time I want to MMG house to get a verse from Iyanya and I waited in the studio for 2 hrs for nobody to show

I remember the time we went to Tekno’s hotel to get a verse and we ended up carrying his luggage, dropping him off, no verse

Shit just last week, i went to sleep finding out a beat of mines ended up on mr eazi’s album with someone else’s tag

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or the time when I was in the studio with wande til 8am recording and arranging iskaba and I ain’t get one “s/o to mel”

Or the time when the work I did lead to a deal and I wasn’t even invited to the signing

Or the time when the work I did lead to a deal and I wasn’t even invited to the signing

notice how a’won boyz always have features but we never get featured..When you’re good enough to help people but not good enough to feature

and people always ask me why I don’t act like am famous and that’s because for me it’s always been about the music




  1. What disappoint us most in life is the pictures in our head of how it’s gonn be, Never get too attached to anything it will lead to expectations and expectations always lead to disappointments.. Anticipate everything and expect nothing… #Thanks.

  2. It not fail that is how the music industry always act the are too big , or the thought the are GOD omo keep cool your time is coming , to show them will are in the world and world is no mans land , judgement day is aheading beware!!! and help the poor because tomorrow is pregnant.

  3. awwn,chill guy some people are damn wicked ,they can never allow u achieve ur dreams ,they are jealous in this life do not depend on anyone, cos man will disappoint u,they don’t like to c their fellow human succeed like that ,that’s is the irony of life for u+!

  4. You wont blame people like them. When they’ve already reached a higher height, they will just take people lower than them, to be nothing… Such is life oh…

  5. i remember when i use to beg my friend to watch television in their house, but today, the reverse is the case. Such is life bro

  6. My brother don’t bother yourself, you’re paying your dews by waiting and carrying luggage, soon you’ll understand and never regret why it happened

  7. People eh. This type of thing happens every day. It’s not a new topic. People who are already at the highest level dont knw that God can elevate someone who they take to be nothing, one day

  8. My brother.. Relax ur time wit come…. Don’t worry.. Pple will also carry ur luggage ND wait for u.. Or even stand to snap with u just sing better songs.. Way make sense

  9. Bro.wat u dnt understand is dat God opens doors wen men turn u down,,so bro latter rain is on d wae for u

  10. While overlooking you, they helped another. Note that hundreds of people like u are chasing them, they can not help nor observe everyone. Someday u will be in their shoes and people will say same thing about u. Such is life and the earlier u see as stepping stone, the better for u.

  11. Lol!!!.. But truth be told, if these people also tell u what they passed through before making it in life and their life history u might even fall down and weep cos you’ll find out that your case was even better.. What’s my point? My point is, everyone has a sad story to tell. It all depends how u want to treat people when you’ve finally made it.. Lol make I just stop here cos if I start to talk, everywhere go full.. Thank God you’re a producer now. Just keep the hustle spirit alive notn de happen.. One love..

  12. That’s life for you bro, but never be discouraged just because they looked down on you, if you re good enough you must surely get to your destination


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