News “Nigerian Women & Young Ladies Will Be Used For Rituals This Year”...

“Nigerian Women & Young Ladies Will Be Used For Rituals This Year” – Popular Pastor Raises Alarm


The General Overseer of The True Covenant Church of God (TCCG), Olufemi Otusanya has revealed that many Nigerian women and ladies would be used for ritual this year in his 2017 prophecy.

Otusanya released his 2017 revelations during an interview with Prestige Magazine. He advised Nigerians to pray against disasters.

Read prophecy below:

State of the economy

“On the economy it will be better than that of last year. In 2017, the Lord promise divine provision to those who believe in him. Prices of commodities will come down. In 2017 exchange rate will reduce little compare to what was obtainable in 2016, but the reduction will be little. But Nigeria will be better economically than what was obtainable last year.”

Women and Young Ladies

“Warnings to women and young ladies, because Lord said a lot of them will be used for ritual. They should pray very well and be vigilant not to be a victim of ritualists. This is a big warning to those ladies that always look out for free ride popularly called lift.”

Boko- Haram

“There will be crises in some place but we are praying against that. Boko-Haram will want to re-strategize, we will see the signs but God will defeat them. In 2017, God will reveal Boko-Haram sponsors.”

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Federal Executive In 2017

“There will be minor cabinet reshufflement, some ministers will be replaced.”

Protection against Death

“We should pray very well in 2017 because it is a mixed year in the sense that some people will be blessed while there will also be death tolls, we should pray for protection of Nigerian citizens. We should pray against death among the ministers and past governors in 2017. We should pray against assassination of one Journalist in 2017. All Journalists should pray. We should pray against death of notable female politician. Also notable political leader will pass away.”

Plot to remove President Muhammadu Buhari

“There is a plan or plot to remove the president from the seat but God said he will intervene to destroy the plot. God said he is the one that installed the current president. We will be seeing those signs. There will be a lot of collision and division within the political set up”


“In agricultural sector it will be better, that will lead to availability of some commodities.”

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Plane Crash

“We should also pray against plane crash in 2017, if we pray very well God will avert it.”

Notable Pastors

“There will be revelations about some notable pastors in Nigeria. We should pray very well so that God will not call home one of the great men of God in Nigeria. If we pray God can extend his tenure.”


“There will be a kind of warfare in the northern part of Nigeria. We should pray against it. Country will rise against country in 2017 more than before. God said he will walk through this country and perform wonders against those disturbing Nigeria’s peace.”

Outbreak of Incurable Disease

“There will be outbreak of an incurable disease in 2017, if we pray very well the Lord will take care of it. Between June and August different things will happen that will affect the health of people. If we pray God will avert it.”

First Rain

“The first rain in this year will be spiritual rain that rain will heal and make whole.”



  1. You also have women and young ladies in your family. Anyway, I rebuke and reject it. Your prophecy will never come to pass. Almighty God will be our shield and protection. Women and young ladies say a big “Amen”.

  2. Without the prophecy sef they have been using many young ladies 4 ritual!!!! To all ladies let us just be careful on the kind of dates we go to!!!! Always meet in an open environment!!! Lastly no be every rain water you go carry bucket come outside for!!!!

  3. U fake pastor this ur fake prophet will not come to pass ijn, I dont know y u fake people always see bad prophesy ! Y haven’t u seen d prophecy of how we can overcome this hardship in Nigeria, u are seeing only ritual things ,maybe u are one of them

  4. Is this a prophecy or what? Every year Ladies, gentlemen, teenagers, children & even babies are used for rituals so I see nothing special about this alarm. You should rather call for prayers

  5. I pray for God’s protection over d female’s life…..God will walk with us dis year and all d days of our lives

    • pls bro with dew respect you ar greater than this comment, pls correct it before any other person hear or see this ur comment.

    • prophecy is inform of warning to particular group or people, i don’t know the man of God but he said that to let all this waka waka babes to be careful.

  6. He is right,bt only prayer will save many,yahoo or G guys who re married re using deir wives for dat even sidechic, so be prayerful n stop shouting Amen u can’t defined!

  7. I cover myself nd my Family wit the blood of jesus, no evill man or woman will see us in jesus name AMEN

  8. Have they not been using them before, even by some so called pastors? This is a well known fact and not from predictions.

  9. Pls nobody should insult him. He made a prophecy which I see as a warning to our ladies for them to be careful,watchful and prayerful. Instead of the insult while not reject it and pray against it…. My prayer is my mother, female siblings, female cousins, aunts, female friends, my sweet angel and off course all the female members in the house will never fall victim of such…. Amen

  10. Yes na… Those ones that refuse to do a legitimate job and live within their means will certainly victims.

  11. Not for me n d children of God! It ll never work for them. Mathew 15vs 13 says no weapon formed against us shall prosper. All mothers n sister are protected by his blood ijn, AMEN..!

  12. Sorry…. ‘Mathew 15vs13 d LORD’ says, every seed that does not planted by God shall be up rooted. So is not for us n our families, AMEN!!!.


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