Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nigerians call out Mercy Aigbe, accuse her of arriving to protest venue...

Nigerians call out Mercy Aigbe, accuse her of arriving to protest venue hours later just for photos


Nollywood star, Mercy Aigbe who was spotted at the almost-empty National Stadium earlier today holding up a placard and calling for justice and better government, has been accused by several social media users of being nothing but a busybody who just wanted to show off and feel among.

One user, who claimed to have been at the venue claimed there had been no signs of the Nollwood star, calling her a liar.

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‘Na when everybody don march round protest finish, go house, naim you dey come. Where you dey since morning wey we start protest from stadium, when Seyilaw and Charlie Boy(Area Father) dem dey ground…anyway thanks for still coming out to speak. #IwasthereLive #EnoughisEnough #onevoicenigeria #IstandwithNigeria’ another user wrote.

‘Aunty went when service don close. ….tis like going to show when it’s time to say the grace…..atleast she sha still go’

‘u didn’t take part in the protest march according people on ground ,so what all this demonstration?’ another chimed in.

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However, some believed all that was irrelevant, and the only thing that mattered was that she still turned up, unlike a lot others who didn’t even acknowledge the protest at all.



  1. Smart lady?..she dey test if any wahala go burst make she no go jam trouble!!.At least she too don protest!!

  2. if u no go wahala,she go stil d wahala nd dis pple u gossip kip getin higher nd makin their money,they dnt even knw u exist nd u wan die on top their matter.falz dey right “when u re big u re big”

  3. Well, na she knw oh… But she at least supported with her presence though late. Maybe it was her taking of pictures that annoyed some nigerians. You came late and d first thing to think of is to take pictures. Well, make I waka pass… Though she tired

  4. Plsssssss she tried!!!!!!!! Una dey social media dey insult someone that has tkn her own busy time to show face even at late time. Who knows if she was ask to stay home and she insist. Where r other Instagram celeb? Likes of Funke akindele, tonto, And other big celeb that collected money during d election. Mercy to me u tried!

  5. Lolzzz Nigerians get serious problem I swear.dey fit even start a fight in d middle of d protest. Maybe if u mistakenly step on sm1’s foot he will beat u black and blue

  6. Well…nobody knows y she arrived late…so let’s no judge her…at least she was there…and wait o…how we take no say na photos she com 2 take…

  7. U guys should knw that she has a husband to listen to if the man didn’t permit her,she has no right to come out

  8. At least she came….. So what is the noise all about? Are you going to pay her transport fare back home?

  9. At least she came out…. What of dose who refuse to join despite close to the parade street

  10. And what about the late coming??? What matters is that she eventually came. Showed her support which other artists didn’t do. What of Tuface that backed off? Pls accord her for her courage and support.

  11. Even if na for corner she de for stadium snap the foto, she try ,despite Lagos silly traffic jam.

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  13. But d truth is i never knew dere was a time keeper…Na wao for som ppl o .Atal Atal nahim bad atleast she show.were ar other celebrity? Abeg mok una leave ma mercy nd face d people we dey protest against o!

  14. you people re nt even happy that she even show face what about people dat didnt come at all?

  15. Na wa for people oh, is she not better than those who didn’t come at all?

  16. when another day is set aside for protest again she will be there by 12am prompt.because she have no work to do sorry you hear. nonsense

  17. Nigeria will complains and fast judgement. Na wa oo. Person wey no know whether una dey exist. The foolish pple opening their rotten mouth to judge no come out from their room.

  18. Is only in Nigeria the rich wants to fight for the poor, and yet the poor will talk shit about rich people and also fight the rich people

  19. You did well,Mercy. Welldone. Better late than never. There are many actors and actresses. Where are they? They have eaten too much fats and oils from Nigeria,s economy. They have become too big and too much for us,without who they are practically nobodies. They are now ‘minding their businesses’. Businesses that will fail without our patronage.

  20. How many under privileged has she helped. How many suffering actors have these ones come out to assist…

  21. Not all celebrities wil like to protest and u can’t hang them 4 that as evrybody has his/her life to live.


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