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Nollywood Actor, Leo Mezie Solicits For Help As He’s Down With Kidney Failure


Popular classic Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie has been hit with kidney failure and he needs the finances for an urgent kidney transplant.


The Abia-state breed has reached out to the public after his second kidney failed. A family source revealed that he’s been on weekly dialysis and needs this surgery urgently.



  1. Wait o. There r so many kidney failure victims in Nollywood all d pple who died unatural deaths wer destroyed by kidney failure.

  2. Wait o time has reached wn nollywood actors more especially wld live nollywood fr d actresses cos I cn nw see dt kidney failure only trails d nollywood actors.its indeed well.God forbid pls gt well soon

  3. God help u my brother n nollywood actors n actress put ur heads together n find solution to help him n wat is d cause of dis deases in d industry

  4. With God all things are possible, He is the healer of all disease, He must surely heal you in Jesus name Amen

  5. But that should be your business and not ours …If u like change to Islam or Hindu or any other thing , that’s ur business entirely Ok , it deos not bother us. At the end of day , every body will face judgement

  6. Nothing will happen to u the late once has payed the price …,he is one of my favorite Jesus take over


  8. I pray for ur healings and preservation by the Almighty God. Quick recovery is ur portion IJN…Amen.

  9. Almighty God will heal you and remove the disease in miraculous way the good lord will surely heal you IJN

  10. God of T.b Joshua…. God of Apostle Sulaiman God of prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Pst John Mark…. Heal ur son show him mercy…. For him any sin he has committed unknowingly or knowledge father Lord take control….. Get well soon

  11. i have a wonderful product that can tackle the issue & he will regain back his health. let him give me a call on 08062696892

  12. Lord have mercy.. May the God’s divine healing locate you in Jesus mighty name, Amen

  13. God the healer of all diseases and restorer of organs in humans start his operation in ur system rite now and start fixing any part dat has failed in ur body In Jesus Name Amen!!

  14. May the GOD of Holy Ghost Adoration locate u now in the Mighty Name if JESUS, Amen,u are are healed.

  15. Jesus heal heal he will heal him buh they suppose change their way of smoking and others cos it all has effect

  16. Silver,gold i ve non but my faithful prayers..in ps 103 he promise 2 4gv our sins nd heal our diseases.so by his stripes u r healed.and God ll also redeemed ur life 4rm pit IJN….Amen

  17. The poster of this rubbish, is criminal, somebody that I saw yesterday, that is looking healthy.

  18. I pray to day in his infinity mercy shall he grant u a quick healing bro Leo, as I also know DAT kidney problem is not a case of money some times just a solution of been knowing God, trust his world, have faith wit him, more especially accept him as ur saviour, he is too mercy full bro God will heal u IJN.

  19. Father in the name of Jesus. I Confess my sin before You… Lord. And am take your Authority under the council of the Heaven and I command you demon’s incharge of kidney failure Go out of Leo Body in Jesus name AMEN… Thank You FATHER for answer, in Jesus name I prayed Amen.

  20. Almighty God will see you through in Jesus Name Amen Divine healing from above is your potion in Jesus Name. Amen oo!!!

  21. Y r they all coming down with kidney failure, every one needs to watch it. Gods healing to u

  22. May the Lord heal him in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. I advise him to use Trevo supplement that will cure him from that sickness .

  23. please tell him i can help him recover please am very serious about this. this is my contact +233 0561574108

  24. Wat is really happenin with our nollywood actors. Wat do de hav with kidney? Wat are de eating or doing to be warranting dem developing kidney problems up n down. Too may questions seekin answer. May God heal him sha and others that are abt to make public dia own.

  25. I feel so sorry for him…please someone should take him to SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATION …May God help us all

  26. Get well soon brother n l pray that d good lord will heal u in Jesus name I pray n I pray that precious blood of Jesus should fall on in Jesus name Amen

  27. Turn to herbs, phyllanthus amarus is a potent herb for kidney problem using the right solvent he will recover.may the good shepherd take you to the place he will cure you.

  28. Faith is the key in any evil attack, if u believe that devil hav nothing to do with ur kidney, I pray that In the mighty name of Jesus christ heal now with faith in the name of Jesus christ

  29. Your body is the temple of God not for sickness, i pray that God should grant you quick recovery, God never fails he will surely see you through, get well soon okay.

  30. Ooh, I am soo sorry Leo, God will heal you. Be strong and always pray to God to heal. Jesus loves you very much my brother.

  31. Every body saying ,receive your healing with out effort,but you people shoud have include his Number here or mobilize actors and actress,even ini edo who use her sugar daddy money to build mansion in Lagos.

  32. May God increase His Grace of Divine Healing 2 u man….. because it God’s Grace sustaining my dad 4 7yrs now……

  33. a good actor, so cool on movie, yu’ re heale, sickness doesn’t have dominion over you, are strong despite d look of things by jesus stripe yu’re healed, amen

  34. Y won’t u people advice him to cme to Synagogue church of all nations, where he can b cured of it


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