Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Nollywood actress hospitalized after soldier beats her with iron rod

Nollywood actress hospitalized after soldier beats her with iron rod


Nollywood actress and movie producer, Jewel Infinity, has decried her alleged assault by someone who she described as a soldier.

Writing from her hospital bed as posted on her Facebook wall, Jewel said the event happened earlier today (Tuesday) at about 11.50am.

She had boarded a Sienna minivan from Port Harcourt to Onitsha.

“As we approached the first checkpoint immediately after the airport, soldiers manning a checkpoint ordered the car to pull aside, which the driver complied with.

“One of them with the name tag Sulaiman Olamilekan accused me of gossiping about him, whereas I was only having a friendly debate with a lady seated beside me.

“The soldier ordered me to alight and kneel down to apologise to him. But I refused, explaining that I had done anything that warranted an apology.

To my dismay, this soldier looked around and found a huge stick, and started hitting me all over with it.

He shoved me out of the vehicle and when the stick became damaged, he went in search of another but came back with a big rod.

“Immediately I saw him coming with that one, everyone was scared and could not help me, while his colleagues were busy stopping vehicles.

“Seeing that my life was at stake, I ran out of the vehicle and attempted to run to the other lane where their superior officers were sitting. However, on a second thought, I sensed he might throw the big rod at me, so I stood still, thinking he wouldn’t dare use it on me, considering the sheer dangerous of the weapon, as well as how much brutality he had inflicted me already. But I was mistaken!

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“Before I knew what was happening, he had started hitting my two legs with it! I was helpless, as other passengers were too scared to intervene.
“Eventually, the other soldiers urged him to stop, but they did not castigate him for the unprovoked assault!
“They went ahead to seize my phone and prevented me from taking any picture. They then damaged my phone.
“When I refused to proceed with the journey, they forcefully stopped me from going back to Port Harcourt, and compelled the driver to continue the journey to Onitsha, forcing me to go with the vehicle.

“I did as instructed, but I disembarked as a safe distance and boarded another vehicle heading back to Port Harcourt.

“When I narrated my story to the bewildered passengers in the new vehicle, the driver confirmed that Sulaiman Olamilekan is a ruthless soldier, saying he had also had an encounter like that with him before.

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“As soon as we arrived Port Harcourt, I went straight to the Army Barracks to file a report about him, narrating my ordeal to them.

“The officers were astonished and pleaded that I shouldn’t take the case any further. They promised to remand him in the barracks for one month, saying that he joined them in 2015.

“I was taken to the clinic for treatment, after which they summoned Sulaiman Olamilekan. He was shocked that the case had gotten here already.

“He confessed that I didn’t do anything to have warranted his cruel action, but that he was in a very bad mood. He proceeded to plead for compassion.

“He later got my phone number from the clinic and called me on WhatsApp, asking for forgiveness. I was able to trace his authentic identity through True Caller.

“Right now, I am seriously ill and running temperature. The doctor said the temperature was due to the high fever occasioned by the trauma I suffered because of the assault.

“I urge the appropriate authorities to mete out the appropriate punishment for this murderous man in uniform.”



    • U can’t win the case cus his now the person guiding the law and he even trow u an allegation

    • Nope that can’t werk…. Cos nobody is above the law my broda. If buhari can pass judgement on those pple in house of Assembly, then no one is above the law. Forget the fact that he’s a soldier…. What kinda stupid soldier is that

  1. If to say he beat her wella, she no go get liver to be writing her ordeal on Facebook. Get well soon though!

  2. Hmmmmmmm. Am speechless here. Sorry for the inconvenience but to be sincere, if it were to be me, there is always a simpler ways of overcoming temptation. You would have just apologized to him na instead arguing and receiving this kind of unwarranted turture. Let alone military men you know that are so wicked.

    • U are among those idiot that are giving power to those stupid set of armies that makes them to be misbehaving all around… U r so senseless to have talk in that way. My husband is an US Army and u dont have to beg for anything they should be the one going out of their comfort zone to help people not to humiliate them with the silly title they are carring around.

      • exactly, please cone lend your written support in the advocacy group I brought her story too. Thanks

  3. You know be good person mr Ogunlowo Emmanuel Sunday,if na your wife or sister they beat like this how you go feel.

  4. OMG! Why? Some soldiers seriously are really heartless. Is his mission to kill or give non-terrorists people pain or to give them peace? Many soldiers nowadays r just maltreating humans bcos no citizen has the right to say anything against them… Their work is to protect ppl not give them pains… Nomatter the gravity of her offence, you shouldn’t have treated her this way na….

  5. Hmm… This was totally inhuman. It’s not fair… Why this, soldier? Even though u wanted to beat her, at least u would have looked for something light or better rather than almost commiting murder…

    • Why will he even lay his filthy hands on her in d first place,he does not have any right is only in Nigeria dat u will see soldiers standing on d road,these people are supposed to be inside the bush or our borders fighting and defending our country against external attack not exercising his weak powers on a harmless woman I pray God should punish him or else he repents and ask for forgiveness

      • exactly, please cone lend your written support in the advocacy group I brought her story too. Thanks

  6. Heartless people You said it yourself that she didn’t do anything to warrant such treatment all because you are in your so called bad mood. You should be stripped off of your uniform

  7. We don’t no wat rely happened oo babe tell us exactly wat happened and wat led to d assult

    • Bastards…. I was assaulted for no reason by one idiotic human called Nigeria soldier If a soldier man rape ur cousin u go understand the pain. Bunch of useless Nigeria army

    • Bastards…. I was assaulted for no reason by one idiotic human called Nigeria soldier If a soldier man rape ur cousin u go understand the pain. Bunch of useless Nigeria army

  8. Na wa o bokoharam dey deir u no go show yur power na ontop dat pretty lady u con dey show, i will never forgive u, u must take d lead to attack bokoharam

  9. Ur mates ar in Sambisa forest fighting for Nigeria,u ar here fighting a woman.,U got no shame at all,idiot…

  10. Why will he even lay his filthy hands on her in d first place,he does not have any right is only in Nigeria dat u will see soldiers standing on d road,these people are supposed to be inside the bush or our borders fighting and defending our country against external attack not exercising his weak powers on a harmless woman I pray God should punish him or else he repents and ask for forgiveness

    • Because dere are your animals abi, dere are supposed to be in the Bush, Y can’t you join, so Dat u can as well be in the Bush also,

    • To join army no bi by force in Nigeria, why that ill treatment on an innocent woman? It’s only in Nigeria you see military men on the road, they come out only on emergency in other countries. Kenneth Ogbewu if you like call them animals na you sabi

    • @doris and blessing thank u very much,u guys understand perfectly well the work of soldiers is not by force to become one, if u feel like u can’t give up your life in service to ur country then don’t go for uniform work,go to advanced countries u don’t see soldiers on the road because there work is not there rather is d work of policeman, everything about this country is just upside down

    • Kenneth Ogbewu Do you think this kind of bastard animal suppose to live among human beings?

    • Ndu Boncus where you there? How did you know?even if she did that does not warrant him to beat her up that way. That dude need to be disqualified he did not know his work.

    • Useless! Be sensible, be rational, ask the right question next time, like what did she do? Try to hear the soldiers side of the story.

    • @ Chukwueze Ifesinachi Michael I wish your sisters, wife and daughter suffer the same treatment.

    • @doris don’t waste ur strength on him,i won’t even be surprise if he do abuse women

    • @ chukwueze no amount of what she did to de solder should attract such an ill treatment. No matter how de solder narrate his own story.

    • Miriam Therese Kosy u are a useless bastard to run ur mouth ? anyhow fool der supposed to live in d bush are you not d one crying dat u need a soldier to Fuck u dat ur man can’t satisfy u?

    • @xtophy I don’t waste my time on amateurs like u,it seems like u don’t have home training cos d last time I check I just aired my view which is reality I don’t know wat gave u d impetus to insult me all d same facebook is d cause because pple don’t have respect for their elders again

  11. I just wonder why he did what he did in the first place Doesn’t he respect for the women folk? By the way is it part of his job to beat up people for no reason or reasons? Believe me if this guy can do this to a lady God knows what he will do to a Man Please let this guy be dismiss immediately from the Nigerian army and prosecuted This is the type that have no value for human life A soldier is suppose to be discipline

  12. He’s a fool, idiot n goat…. See govt need to tell all this up coming uniform small guys what n what to do n not to do…

  13. This stupidity of an highest level, why ll a man,able man I don’t wanna how what she as done. For you to beat a lady like dis, u must be mentally disturb….

  14. See his face, fool. After smoking weed that the only thing u think is gud for u to do ba? I pray that some1 else should also do same to ur own daughter!

  15. Soldier my foot, pls if u know what to do so dat he too will feel the pains pls do it my dear. he is an animal and doesn’t suppose to be anywhere around barracks. either he is in zoo or in a reformatory centre dat where he belong.

    • @ Da’monie Ibn Yishau, it is ur responsibility to find out if u cares. is it de amount i earn in a month here will determine how ruthless a solder will be.

  16. He shd’ve gon to Sambisa forest to show his martial skills. Only cowards beat women. No mata wat, if u dont want her anymore, throw her out of ur fruztrated life! And u woman, u still love him ryt? #DieThereOk?

  17. That soldier might come from north,to brutalize people from east, that he- goat should be strip off his uniform as a soldier, he is not worthy to be a soldier,NNE,sorry OK, get well soon,,,,

  18. Sue him! I tell u if u do, the army will dismiss him. That’s he & his Superiors are begging you.

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  20. I saw the devil in Nigerian army uniform. He should be dismissed immediately. In Nigeria if psychopath no see work next thing is to join Nigerian army. Come to the north and see insurgency monkey. Apologies to your village witch because ur dump ass is in soup. These kwara people think from their anus. Yeye recruit soja.

    • Glad am d first to like ur comment uve said it all. These days u see devils in army uniforms and they call them soldiers. Bunch of stupid youths who r seeking for power and respect.

    • Xtophy you are very stupid. What is the meaning of ur name? Come to kano and see! Una dey for rivers dey harass ppl. Come to north and see. Psychopath in uniform.

    • Xtophy you are very stupid. What is the meaning of ur name? Come to kano and see! Una dey for rivers dey harass ppl. Come to north and see. Psychopath in uniform.

  21. So sad. This issue should be looked into. Armies should stop all these nonsense. Respect our fundamental human rights pls

  22. That guy is idiot, he should go and fight bokoharam not a woman. Stupid nonsense soldier

  23. you see y i love the united states, if u had ur licensed automatic Mac4, u wuld hv taken his head off n kissed him goodbye frm d face of the earth. His mates r in Vietnam n sambisa ,his here using the poor lady to shine. The lady even has a heart of forgiveness by nt taking the issue up. We live in a fucked up nation were soldiers nw turn civilians who they swore to protect into their warfront enemies n inflict heavy fire power beating on them. U will never move forward in life, u will forever remain a roadside checkpoint soldier sitting down with ur rusty metal Awka made called GUN. Mtcheeeew #Dumbasssoldier#

  24. That’s why my hatred for soldiers will forever continue When they are on that their nonsense uniform They start feeling high and mighty Imagine hitting someone for no reason fah…..a lady for that matter!!! And if someone asks you…you’ll say you’re fighting against terrorism for your country Mbok…you need a hot life changing divine slap from the Holly ghost

  25. Because she’s an actress… Maybe she felt she has become so famous that talking to a soldier anyhow would increase her popularity. Rubbish !!!

  26. Sum of diz small small boys sef DAT joined d army & do not know dere duty. Go & carry out ur frustrations in sambiza or on armed robbers on high ways not on innocent pple travelling. Jst imagine diz arrant nonsense. Mtscheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww

  27. Oga soldier God will punish you. Can you beat ur wife or sister like that? Don’t you know she’s a woman? On a very gud day u will die and someone will beat ur wife with hammer. Idiot

  28. This is beyond limits.this officer needs to be arrested and interrogated well. Perhaps. An eye witnes is the messiah in such cases,”some girls can run their mouth feeling like oga at the top. Meanwhile, army is different from a police #freedom of speech gone soured#

  29. My advice is dat ppl shud be careful wt d so called uniform men. , if he had killed u dat day d rest is story. In other countries dia duty is to protect but here in Nigeria especially in d East is killing n maiming of innocent citizens. God wil continue to save us.

  30. Dat guy is mentally ill, datz d problem in Nigeria any mad man without proper checkup can join force,now is d outcome of it,dat guy should be sue to court and pay for damage becos this is a case of assault,and to we d ladies we should respect ourself,mind the way we talk.

  31. Neva u belief her my brodas an sisters,we ar all human beings anytin datt hapons u suppose hear from dey 2 side b4 u talk,if u can hear from datt army guy maybe she don’t have even 1 true,datt is watt dey use 2 duu, bcos dey have money dey will b telling uniform men wat dey want,dey talk careless

    • I am disappointed in you, is it miss or Mrs Bidemi Toyin, for calling that guy stupid outrightly. A right thinking person should always ask questions from two parties first, maybe that is why God gave you two ears.

  32. Army no dey road wuna go say army no dey o, see thief dey distop o,army come dey road wuna say army dey duu police job,without army along dey express can u travel,question?,as far as u respect ur self army man don’t have problem wit u,only if u show say u sabi datt is were problem will come, don’t be surprise datt lady insulted him.

  33. That is not the true story, as a soldier you can’t just stat beating human being for no reasons,hear the story from both of them before u comment, or know what you are writing

    • Oya speak for him since he’s not saying anything, why won’t u support his madness? Birds of a feather!

    • Anty Anna who told you that he is not speaking, let her take him to human right,and beds me if she will win this case,Anna Joseph

  34. NA WAOOOO ,, HE HAS NO RIGHT TO BEAT HER EVEN SHE INSULTED HIM,, HIS MEANT TO GUIDE N protect PEOPLE FROM DANGER,, NT HIM CAUSING D danger, his a coward n a useless solider for wt nah,, if nah man lik u , u go fit beat am se he no go collect DT kobo beat u lik mad,, eheen idiot becoz na woman u v all d right on her,, I feel lik giving u a hot clap of ur life,, if beat dey hungry u y u no go meet boko haram eheen ,, God will giv u d judgment u deserved..

  35. Ndu boncus how do u know d lady was running her mouth, I wish that lady was ur own sister mumu

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  37. Seeing a lot of unreasonable non thinking heads here. Most sensible thing is to ask the right question first; like what did the lady in question do? Try hear the entire story, the soldiers own side of the story may be worth something. No military man will wake up and begin to beat somebody just for the fun of it. It is even more difficult for a guy to beat a pretty lady, especially without substantial reason. Something may have gone wrong. The lady may have said or acted out of complete foolishness, and anybody criticizing the soldier boy outrightly without second thought is no different.

    • Whatsoever she had done does not warrant such an ill treatment from someone that claim he’s protecting the nation. Maybe its because you’re not directly involved or you’ve seen or had such encounter with Nigerian road side soldiers, that you talk like this. Hope you’re not a visitor in Nigeria

    • @ Chukwueze, is like u too can beat a woman, what on earth will a himan being do to warrant beating with a rod. if even de person is a criminal u hand him or her to appropriate channel not beating. Not to talk of beating an innocent lady in name of ur guess blaa blaa.

    • shut up u idiot, whatever the lady did, its very wrong beating her up with “Iron rod” like seriously are u crazy? Beating a lady with iron, u must be mad

  38. You guys are saying he did this,he did that do u guys know what she did to him that leads to that mess

  39. The way boko haram will beat you more than you’ve beaten her. Or even blow off that your useless head

  40. Good job…..I mean good job. Deserve to be promoted. You can’t come around acting so disrespectful cos you’re blessed with a pussy…I’m trying to be rational here.but then, why won’t you respect our women???? See now?? you’re hurt. Quick recovery

  41. He is not a train soldier. if you are ,you have been won never to lay your hands on a woman, not even your own wife stupid and proud thing what you are.

  42. Guy I don’t know what she did and I don’t want to know what she did… But Kudos to the army guy… Bros twale…. Keep it up…………………thanks for your hard work……………………

  43. God will surely punish him,why would he even lay his hands on her in the first place,a woman for dat matter

  44. E good….If d armies mistakenly bring themselves down all dis bloody civilians go take dem like police…..#If u get money no mean say u go disrespect our military#….Next time u no go disrespect military men again.

  45. & If You Ask Them, They Will Say Soldiers Don’t Beat Their Wife, What’s The Difference Between This Lady & Their Wife? Mtcheeew

  46. I know he may be wrong, but this is her own side of a story, you are yet to hear his own and judgement is concluded. Don’t forget everyone can said his story to get sympathizers


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