Viral News ‘I Now Eat Once a Day’ – Nigerian Students in Canada cry...

‘I Now Eat Once a Day’ – Nigerian Students in Canada cry Out Due to Economic Crisis


0-98-640x400The state of the economy has changed the course of life for many Nigerian students abroad.

Earlier in the year, students were unable to use their debit cards due to CBN policies on foreign currencies. Many families found it difficult to pay their ward’s school fees/upkeep, and this resulted in an outcry before the current money transfer police was affected.

Speaking with Battabox, young students in Canada reveal how much this has affected them,; some say they are unable to graduate. A student added that he can only eat once a day, while another says he has rent issues.

The interview is deeply moving as the students put a face to the effects of the policies implemented by the CBN. Watch the clip below:




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