Art & Humour Photo Of The Day NYSC Member Has People Talking As She Flaunts Cleavage In Her Uniform

NYSC Member Has People Talking As She Flaunts Cleavage In Her Uniform


A NYSC corps member switched her up her style on her NYSC jacket in a bit to up the ante.

And she definitely did as she got tongues waging over her act as some saw it as an abuse to the NYSC uniform.

See some reactions below:



  1. Which can style come be this? You wanto show us that you af brezz or what? She should be disciplined to teach others not to imitate her

  2. See as she was able to turn her uniform into this style, though the way she exposed her self is bad, but i like the style

  3. Dress the way u would love to b adressed..Cus Beauty gets attention personality capture d hearts.

  4. This is bullishly there is no way The will allow her to wear this nonsense in the camp maybe except outside but I don’t see her as a corper anyway

  5. She cant possibly wear that during service, she just posed with it after her service, there is discipline in camp and were you are serving , you cant any how ooo

  6. I don’t see anything wrong here any way na d Nigeria mentality make wona get the dressing look every ok .My dear keep it up oooo

  7. She is so used to opening up dat she simply can’t wear a decent dress. She had to bring it to her standard. Bad part is, she “uglified” d cloth. This aunty needs a real pastor to lay legs on her coz it seems her picture is being used as an hand fan in her village. Sm hw.


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