Viral News Obama SLEPT on a Mat During His Stay in Kenya- His Sister, Auma...

Obama SLEPT on a Mat During His Stay in Kenya- His Sister, Auma Reveals!


Barrack Obama’s visit to Kenya has received much global attention, but the star of the whole show is his kid sister, Auma, who has followed him everywhere on the trip.

Obama was in Kenya for the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Yesterday, Auma delivered a moving speech recalling how she picked Obama up from the airport almost 30 years ago in her Volkswagen Beetle.

“That’s why he owed me a ride. I picked him up in my Beetle when he visited, and two decades later, he paid back – gave me a ride in the Beast – but do I say?” Auma said.

Obama was on a mission to trace his roots.

The crowd applauded when Auma said:

“My brother, you are brother, our son.”

Acknowledging the humility Obama displayed when he visited Kenya in 1992, Auma said:

“Together with him, we ate githeri, omena, chapati and sukuma wiki.”

She said:

Obama slept on a mat in their rural home in Kogelo. Auma said no matter how difficult the circumstances are, it’s possible to pick up.

Auma said she was worried when Obama told her he would run for President in 2008.

She said he assured her he had read the job description and was ready to take it up.

Auma took the opportunity to thank Americans for trusting her brother to be their president.

She praised Obama for bringing the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit to Kenya, “because it shows that Africa is the place of infinite possibilities”.




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