Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Omotola Jalade Reveals Who She Lost Her Virginity To

Omotola Jalade Reveals Who She Lost Her Virginity To


Omotola Jalade Reveals Who She Lost Her Virginity To

This is one interesting post.

Popular Nollywood Actress & Mother of four, Omotola Jalade Revealed how and who she lost her Virginity to…

Here is what she said ” I was still a virgin when I got married.

Sounds weird in this generation of our!!! After all, how many girls can say this? Lol




  2. Well! Its a good idea. And if this isint a fallacy, it should be a challenge to our ladies out there.

  3. Is DAT a big deal? If u hv 10 kpoza dat means I should hv 20 because u married early than I did; and I gv mine to my hubby. Hahahahaha!! . What about ur daughters are u sure they will keep ders for their hubbies DAT should be u main concern and not the garbage ur guys come to public to blab.

  4. yes she can be,if she is 18yrs and she got married i bliv her.I was 20yrs b4 i lost mine.So it can b possible 4 her.Thanks

  5. ahaaaa not bad nwe shez a mom of four and only thirty seven how old is her first born just asking……possibly she gat married at 20 or even 18 that common age our ladies tends to break their virginity my girl too broke hers when in third yr campo she was 22

  6. wel i m nt aghast abt ur virginit,bcos no girl dat hav d fear of God can alow men 2 mis use her, not even 4 mony.

    • wats d problem?whether 17 or 25,a virgin is a virgin,d pride is dat u gave it 2 ur husband..there re girls of 15,16yrs who re no longer virgins and re nt married either..there re ladies of 25,26yrs who re no longer virgins nd re nt married either..y d beefin,hate nd jealousy?her husband is proud of her and he can boast anywhr

  7. Love u sis Omotola.U can also use this medium to advise young girls of nowadays to avoid pre-marital sex.Tks.

  8. wat am thinking is dat maybe d girl was nt even more dan 15ys old be4 she got a marid bt dat is great

  9. Dats gr8t! Good an example for other girls to follow. though it depends wt the background she ws brought up in.

  10. Its funny some people are envy and speaking robish. If u think is easy keep urs for ur man is not issue of marring early. What stop most girl lately frm married? Is it not lack of decency? I belive she will also be a gr8t mother.

  11. you lost your virginity when you got married!!!!I prefer a girl who us already done off with are virginity than a virgin!!

  12. @omotola its only your husband that can tell us that,what if he says otherwise.why blowing tour trumpet?

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  14. Virgin my foot,you got married at the age of 18,are you not surposed to be a virgin by then,is not a big deal swtht,save the sermon for ur 2girls if they can still remain virgins at d age of 18 *rubbish*

  15. I would in my future find one like you…..i love that omatolo ooooh….few would reveal that. very intresting post…..

  16. As beautiful as u are, I congratulate ur parents and u for restructuring ur self, u are a pride 2 womanhood

  17. even if u are not a virgin, will u say u are not a virgin,i dont trust anyone cos say nowadays hardly b4 u go see children of 10 year old stil a virgin n talkless of 20,abeg jor make una leave dis matter

  18. Who knows weda she was no longer a virgin, but on the day of her marriage used powder to gain virginity for some høurs to confused her husband that she is still a virgin.

  19. among of u ladies dat are just making mouth, how many of u can marry at dat age (18) and still be with d same man at d age of 37…

  20. Though we are in a world where people find it difficult to accept the truth but truth still exists no matter what is happening around us daily. One knows oneself better but God knows everybody best. Let us live our lives daily to please God only and not h
  21. She got married at age 16 not 18, she will mark her 21st wedding anniversary this march,so nothing special being a virgin at that age cos it is normal she was just too teen and just arrived her puberty stage when she was taken to the alter.

  22. Virgnity Is Not ENOUGH. The Bible records of 5virgins who were fools and could not enter into the marriage feast with the Lord. Note; THOUGH VIRGINS yet FOOLS. Also Of Mary Magdalene who was caught in adultery. Jn.8:3-11. 7demons Was cast out of her. Yet She became an adent follower of Jesus.Mtt 26:6-13 and was the first to withness the ressurection of Jesus.mtt.28:1,5-10; Jn 20:11-18. Only one life, only what you do for Jesus counts. lf rapture comes now, will you be raptured? Repent now and amend your ways. Tomorrow May be too late. Heaven and Hell is Real. Jesus Is Coming Soon. God Bless You.

  23. Dts ur pee cus sex is nt illegal ma dear u chose 2 kip it til u get maaried n sm1 choses 2 break as early as she wnt so dis is nt anifin diff.. It ur decision u tuk so kip it n tel us smfin better….. After all sex is sex weda u did it @ ur early age r nt is still sex.. GOD doesn’t luk @ dis rada luks @ hw relevant u we’re wen u came 2 da earth

  24. cant believe..y tell it now no one askng u..its ua hubby who knows n hes nt tellng us..kip it 2 uaself

  25. When u have sex dat day u don’t believe dat u ar going to marry him, bcos u did it before marriage. U ar just fortunate dat d guy married u, so why ar u fumble. Ar u making d jest of people they Rape.u ar fuck up lady.

  26. Believe it or not Omotola Jalade was a virgin when I first met her and she was the best wife one can ever expect. The fact is that some people took advantage of her humility and in the process jalade was hurt I am the only man who can tell what really happened but it isn’t necessary I just wanna say jalade I lord Dike is very sorry and I wish and I wish and I desire you back into my life. The LORD

  27. was she given any medal for that? a virgin and a whore tastes da same, i’d rather have an experienced lady in bed than spending the whole night of the first day training you. wats da need for u to keep ua virginity for someone who is in exploration game now??

  28. it is not a big deal, how re u sure dat she was a virginia b4 marriage? All dis fingering & part time fucking wher were it going tru……via mouth or gals una get anoda hiden hole?? She may use ferm-tight cosmetics to cement up d narrow entrance b4 d hubby

  29. Is nt a crime to b a virgin b4 marriage, what matter is happiness in ur marriage n happy home. Individuals differences, many gals don’t even won’t 2 marry bcos of (chicken, ice cream, fish, golds in fact fake life dat de r leaving. …39667536

  30. U try sha!…nt even in dis dispensation will u find a lady of dt age still a virgin…ur parents must have done a thorough job on ur upbringing…Lesson 4 our ladies…hold on to ur dignity nd pride.

  31. Na wa o people what is this with beening virgin at 15, 19, 20 what about me at 26 still keeping my chastity huh! even two of my friends we’re still keeping our virginity for the right man are we woods. Please!

  32. Hm does people dat envy in dis issue start sayin robish how many of u can kep it stil it tym rish? Yes even dor she maried ealiar she knws break it up

  33. If shes gt pregnant b4 her marriage dt means she commited adultry n shes nt a virgine she got marry bcs she got pregnant so has notin 2 be proud of, n @ her age she suppose 2 be virgine,am very sure if she wait a little bit she ll nt a be a virgine i cn bet dt may be like 22yrs more so is she still faithfull 2 her husband till nw shey no other man has eva slp wit her since she gt married? I wnt her 2 answer dt. D best tin 4 her is her salvation nt d bostin

  34. Its notin to b dat proud of,,,we have pple dat got married at d age of thirty,,,thirty-one, and dey are still a virgin,,,u r opportuned to marry before having franchise, and ur children ar nt opportune, watch over dem so dat ur boastfulness can b boastful.

  35. Eeh naa lie ur beutty tels dat u cannt leave without preack n my langueg m ( oko ) am sorry 4 my mouth das what i think

  36. Well Pple Must Envy That Cos Some Looses Theirs At Childhood And They Can Never County The Number Of Men They Have Sex Wit Before Marriage Just Mek Sure U Girls Her God Fearing

  37. Virginity Breaking Too Will Be A Ceremony? But Am Just Afraid That It Will Bring The Third World War.

  38. She was 19 when pilot hooked her and gave her belle abeg my 22 year old sis is still a virgin. I was also in my 20’s when I did it so spare me the story.

  39. virginity nowadays is not a big deal u know we have so many virgins out there so keep it to ua pants u gal

  40. You got married @ the age of 18yrs old. So why wouldn’t you be virgin why are you acting as if you were 28 or 30 b4 you married. Anyways am 23 nd I’m engaged nd am still a virgin ok

  41. Is gud 2 keep it bcoz it is d joy of d man nd it make d man 2 trust d woman dmore. So young ladies try nd work on urself not 2 giv urself out so shep


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