Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Omotola Jalade’s 2nd Daughter is All Shades of Beautiful in Birthday Photos

Omotola Jalade’s 2nd Daughter is All Shades of Beautiful in Birthday Photos


Omotola Jalade's 2nd Daughter is All Shades of Beautiful in Birthday PhotosOmotola Jalade’s second and most popular daughter Meraiah Ekehinde too to her Instagram to share some lovely birthday photos.

The teen Knorr ambassador wore a black mesh top with a vibrant blue Ankara trousers and neck choker made from the same material.

Meraiah, who turned 17 today, tied her braided hair with the same Ankara scarf, completing her lovely ensemble with brown lace-up heels.

The fashion student in the US stated that she made her birthday outfit herself.

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Omotola Jalade's 2nd Daughter is All Shades of Beautiful in Birthday PhotosIn the photo caption, she wrote, ‘Thankyou soo much for all the birthday wishes so far. I feel so blessed to be loved ❤. By the way my outfit was made by ME #Riah ✂✂✂ #aquarius #Fashionstudent #africanqueen.’



  1. Happy birthday to her. She looks so stunning, beautiful and lovely in these photos. Lovely outfits Meraiah

  2. Oh!… I saw the pictures.. You can even look more beautiful without the cleavage show…ladies mind yourselves…HELL IS REAL.

  3. happy birthday Meraiah you look gorgeous, may God bless your new age @20,, i didn’t see that boobs anyway. Later things

  4. Pretty gal… Make sure your brain is sharp n wise like ya mums own….. Unelse emm emm emmm, na your private part go suffer for it ooooo

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  6. Is she nt a daughter of OMOTOLA JALADE? No wonder! Even the bible said it that a good tree never bear bad fruits. So I rest my case


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