Viral News Pastor Urges Church Members To Masturbate During Church Service

Pastor Urges Church Members To Masturbate During Church Service


Sexual healing? Well, this is just ridiculous.

A pastor in South Africa recently told his flock to masturbate during church service. He said the fluid from masturbation would produce a sacrosanct fluid that would make the church floor as sacred as heaven’s.




  1. Mehn this wud be spiritually unacceptable….some pastors clearly come out to show thierself as fake…imagine. If them dey moan, konji no go catch the other church members?

  2. End time church, the Bible warn us to stay away from the false prophets, may God let them know the truth.

  3. Lame:Nowadays,Pastors have lost their minds,they smoke lot of weed,it’s effects are clearly seen out on various crazy acts.They brainwash their poor members in believing in trashes

  4. Plsss have u guys read d post d picture says south Africa while d article on d page says Zambia how sure are we besides no video proof it’s just a couple of people lieing around with d pastor lieing on top of dem

  5. Pastor instructs Church members to masturbate in the house of God…. Hmmmm I don’t think this pastor is a man of God… May God show us mercy from the hands of fake pastors.

  6. Occultic men behind the pulpit and the sad thing is that they have followers who are so gullible that they can do anything they were asked to do, May God save us all

  7. I won’t blame the fake pastor but i will blame those fools that call themselves member because they are gullible. Where is his act written in the scripture? You see,when all what you want is miracles,without observing the life of holiness,the result is what you are seeing.It’s not a news,anyways,because it must happen for the scripture to be fulfilled.

    • God bless u for dis,do u know dat i dont blame d pastors,but d fools dat follows dem blindly.

    • Yes oo and they are not men of God but took the title to be deceiving the ones that are not ready to live the life of Christ

  8. It’s really surprising how people are still being fooled in the name of Christianity. Nigerians wake the fuck up!!!!

  9. Some posts are just outrageous and seems like a calculated ploy to denigrate servants of God , let’s be careful

  10. One article says, south Africa and another says Zambia?! What do I believe now? God have mercy.

  11. End time church, whn d church collapse now d wil call devil. u evil pastor dont worry d God of vengers is coming to u okay!!

  12. Not surprised…. This is one of d proves to show that we are already in the end-time…. They are all laid in the scriptures esp. in the book of ISAIAH

  13. This is not a new thing. I’ve heard of stories similar to this, times without numbers. It’s happening everyday

  14. End time is here, no doubts abt it cos d unimaginable are happening on daily basis.. GOD Pls give me d grace to walk in ur ways.. AMEN

  15. Pls, let us be taking a thorough scrutiny of msgs before we waste our precious time on nonsence. I don’t want to believe that man is of God. May be he is a glorified native Doctor. My people enjoy your day


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