Weird and Strange Pennsylvania Cops Shoot Homeowner Dead while Investigating a Burglary

Pennsylvania Cops Shoot Homeowner Dead while Investigating a Burglary


Pennsylvania Cops Shoot Homeowner Dead while Investigating a BurglaryIn a tragic case of mistaken identity, a home owner was shot dead in a burglary case.

Christopher Mark Thompkins (57) was shot dead by cops after they arrived to investigate a break in at his home in Pennsylvania.

According to reports, Thompkins opened fire in the direction of the officers as they tried to gain entry into the home, they were forced to return  fire killing him in the process.

On Sunday morning, victim’s wife, Brenda Richmond heard a stranger near their bed, jumped out of bed, spooking the intruder who fled.

Richmond called 911 but thinks the alarm company might have called police before her.

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The deceased wife stated that her dead husband was concerned about his mother who was in a bedroom on the first floor before he was tragically gunned down by the cops.

In her words, ‘They shot the wrong guy. He didn’t want to hurt no cops. He was trying to save his mother.’
‘He was just saying, ‘My mom, my mom.” That’s all he was worrying about.’
‘I gave him my gun and he went to the stairs and I was behind him. I could see Mark shoot down the stairs at the guy.’
‘The cops came and they shot through the door. Mark was shooting at the robber not the cops.’
After the traumatic moment Richmond ran away to a window. She said: When the police came in, I was gonna jump (from the roof) but the police told me “Don’t jump.” I was screaming, “I’m a victim. Don’t shoot me. I’m on the phone with 911.”‘

In a statement, Pittsburgh police said: ‘As with standard protocol, the two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.’

‘There is an ongoing investigation with oversight of the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and additional information will be released by the Bureau at the appropriate time.’

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  1. So Sad… Eyah… Now killing the wrong person. See wat a little mistake can do.. So, d homeowner just died for nothing… RIP

  2. Such a tragedy, such should not be taken a granted, this case should be followed up seriously


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