Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Some People Have No Souls- Halima Abubakar

Some People Have No Souls- Halima Abubakar


Yesterday, Halima Abubakar, returned to Instagram after taking 3 weeks off. Halima also revealed she was settling some personal issues.

Halima has fired back at those who dropped hurtful comments about her return, saying they have no iota of pity towards humans.

Read her rant in the above photo.



    • What???is this what Christianity teaches you..a day will come when you’ll want to take back your words…trust me my dear it will be too late..

    • its not that girl, i’m not making reference to the religion but to some of her members who don’t understand anything but the negative teachings, eg ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda , Shi’ite etc.

    • Wat bout d heartless xtians lk George bush nd tony Blair, hu started a war that has and is still killing over 1.5 million innocent pple in Iraq and Afghanistan, and d oder xtian white guy that went to shoot black worshippers in church etc, don’t try to put it on one religion alone, there r bad xtians, Muslims and Jews

  1. In this life, the best thing is to do the right things that pleases u. Of u dare try to do to pls any human being, that means u did a very big mistake…. Love yourself and love what u do. The *heartless-ness of ppl didnt start today oh.. It has been there since…

  2. is it a must you announce your return? must you return sef? who your return back to IG epp? Who u bi sef for dis buhari period? Wetin bi your own with wetin dem dey talk,must you listen to dem?

  3. Don’t give a damn about what people think about you, Their opinion about you cannot write you a cheque. Happy to have you back.

  4. Every one av soul, if u don’t av u re dead… We all av conscience but so people just ignore God. When u ignore God act like He doesn’t exist dat means u av bury your conscience…

  5. Everyone do have soul only the dead don’t have soul, are you praying for them to die, but welcome back.

  6. Every body have a soul. Though some people tend to act like they’re souless. Working only after the pleasures of the flesh. God will help us


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