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Peter Okoye Under Attack for Telling Fans to Face the Government and not Celebs


Peter Okoye is currently being hassled on Instagram after he made a post that has been deemed insensitive by many.

He took to twitter to rant against those calling for celebrities to spearhead the crusade against the government.

A likely a response to the backlash that many celebrities have suffered in the last few days for failing to show up at the #IStandWithNigeria protest on 6 February after Tuface backed out, Peter Okoye posted a thumbs down emoji and captioned it;

Man returning from his wedding introduction dies in fatal accident in Edo state (graphic photos)

“celebs dis!… Celebs dat! Like seriously! Face the F**king Govt! #EnoughIsEnough.

He never expected the backlash that followed as Nigerians are not taking it easy.

Read some of the comments from very angry fans.

What do you think of Peter Okoye’s stance though?

He has since edited the post and disabled comment on it.



  1. I wonder why some celebrity act such way 2face has make a lot of difference’s now look at what peter okoye is saying the should learn who to respect nigerians the made them who the are today absolutely crappy talk is not good 2nd richest musician in Nigeria is saying this stupid words as if he is in nursery one .

  2. In other words we should thank God we still have some celebrities who still care for the plight of the common man and ready to lead a protest to make their voice heard but we the people who are most affected by an incompetent government should take the burden off our well to do celebrites by taking the bull by the horn and initate a fearless attitude towards making our demands known to the government rather than waiting or blaming our celebrities for situations they have no control over and would only do the best they can in any way possible..

  3. Celebrities are like hustlers, they got lucky with their hustle so they aren’t mandated to give back if they wish otherwise, as long as u got hands and legs then your hustle and stop asking for bread money for them Abeg. They are also victims of bad governance but came out fine so pls Abeg leave them oh. #faceyourgovernment Abeg.

  4. Why is he under attack, he said the truth the celebrities are nt the cause of the situation we are facing now, i think its bcoz celeb dnt have the power of government, if dey get strong head make them attack government, some pple want to lay it on the celebrities

  5. Nigerians are fond of making demands from celebrities as if celebrities owe them.They just meet u anywhere and start shouting “Give us money jor.Oya oya oya”,but if the celebrity artist or actor doesn’t give in on time,the next thing they say is “Have u forgotten we are the ones that made you who u are?”.These were exactly the words of some dudes who harassed Tuface last year.When they frustrated Tubaba to a point that he could not bear it,he had to ISSUE voice like,”Wetin sef?Una dey shout say na una make me na una dey gimme money take chop…how many of my albums una get for house sef?!!!”.The crowd went silent.He had to ‘rake’ bcos he had been dropping at every point people met him before then and when he saw that these people go collect him transport if him no careful….

  6. Hahahaha ThankGod i’m not laughing, if una like make una fans de criticise celebs from now till yesterday, de no go even no say u de exist but de go de smile to the banks, de here de talk as u like, god go understand us.

  7. I don’t see any reason 4 the attack…he’s actually right…every body is on 2face neck… Instead of facing the government that is responsible 4 all this problems…

  8. But he hasn’t said anything wrong, dey are not the cause of our failed system the government is, we should stop putting the blame on them

  9. He has spoken well, some were busy saying all kind of words because tuface cancelled his protest

  10. U didn’t vote any celebrity to be celebrated so if you like buy if you don’t stay away from them is their talent, so if you want to complain do it to those that beg you to vote for them not celebrity that hustle for themselves

  11. He is right,we should face the government, because the celeb are not the government, they are not the cause of our problems

  12. Ain’t you part of d government… At least they av invited you to their campaign… No don chop our money with dem.

  13. Hey common you’re not the one to lecture us on that ok , and again you’re too arrogant can you copy Paul ? Remember we made you who you’re today . we love 2baba he did naija proud .

    • How can you make him who he is? Are you his God or were you the one that talented him?. Mumu no go seek for your daily bread they depend on celebrity

    • Don’t have to waste my precious time with yea , is you dat can’t afford daily bread ok .

    • Hw did u made him na u dey write music for dem or na u dey market da music for dem. com c make tell u ehigie bright dat sawdust wen dey ur brain wen make u no dey tink well so do make u go dust am comont d govt dat gav 1000 so dat u can vote for dem go face dem ok if 2face did nt bring up is ideal of protesting no body would hv com out dat day to protest.

    • # Ekhonmu Saintangel goof u are music star are made by fan’s and if u read my message , what I said about 2baba was we loved him for his idea ok . That’s why some strange thing’s do happen to u coz u jump in what u don’t understand .

  14. Hahaha…. He for no join mouth for this matter at all bcos surely, Nigerians must attack. Na our work…

  15. Pride don dey enter im head too much, na im cause am. Most of the awards wey im get, wey translate to cash, na im fans help am win. He wields more influence than the ordinary Nigerian, that is why the ordinary Nigerian need him

  16. He is right. Face the govt whom u voted for and nt the celebrity that wrk hard to achive their goal.

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