Entertainment News Celebrity Gist This photo of Bobrisky is going viral for the wrong reason

This photo of Bobrisky is going viral for the wrong reason


This photo is trending across social media for the very wrong reason.

Nigeria’s most popular cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, otherwise known as Bobrisky is in the photo which shows his skin texture and color ‘coming off’.

Well, what do we know? So far imaginary bae keeps giving him money… Oshey Baddest!!!



  1. You guys should stop talking about this boy.. Is not dat I hate him.. I’m just not happy about his existence..

  2. Pls oo.doz dz guy really go around wit dz makeup he normally apply…or only wen wen he want to take pic….am confused

  3. A man can never b a woman, ur gender is giving u up already, no matter wat u do u will never b d female God didn’t create u!

  4. Lol juz look closer and u will see that he look much like a dead person already put in coffin

  5. His Dad Went to The nearby Pharmacy to purchase a CD…. Unfortunately for him. The pharmacy no get change that night…. And bobrisky papa too stingy to leave common #50 change that night…. Thats y dem born this MISTAKENLY BORN…. and them go do is naming ceremony oooh…. Jesus is Lord oh!

  6. His face is so scary….miooooo… Lemme Come and be going…because I don’t understand this look on his face….dead man in d land of the living. Lol. God have mercy

  7. Lol… just take a look at that man behind him.. with the hands on his mouth… his expression is priceless

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  9. I beg i want to no fr nw na man abi na girl i no before a man him bi bt as fr nw as hin tune nw na into what he tune to be

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  11. can someone tell me where gay came from because Satan it self is not a gay” rather bad is his department that’s why we are calling Satan because of gay while it is not…during the time Satan attempted naked to eve “Adam been a man was there but satan attempted woman…SO WHERE GAY COMES FROM ? before bobrisky adopted it..


  13. Would it ever go viral for the right reasons Abeg Abayomi no just provoke me cos as I dey here Na I dey vex I just lost my #100 ND u dey here dey show me dis roasted Plantain face. No just let me enter u o leave this guy wey Don expire abeg ND help me find my money e dey me important

  14. Each time I sees dis guy on social media from dat minutes I sight my eyes on him my day became nothing Dan unhappy all day.

  15. Pls could him graduate 4rm unilag? Unbelievable. When we have been looking 4 admission 4 years no way and dis is someone who is opportune to go to university has turn out to be.a product of unilag 4 dat matter. Hmmmm painful eni to ni ori o ni gila o ma shee o

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  18. U know wat guys?bobrisky is annoying with his ugly tattered face but saying all dis,condemning him and all dat won’t take or remove anytin from him bcos he doesn’t care infact he’s so happy right now bcous he’s creating attention… Dats y he keeps showing his dirty face so let’s jus bore him

  19. Na wa o….he is going to kill himself o….he is almost lyk Micheal Jackson o….Ha it will soon b difficult frm him to step out under d sun

  20. Irunmole fun ara e…. Omo, see d face na sandy soil o…. Girls continue to buy his cream o

  21. He still doing this rubbish bcos people were talking about him n he’s having more fame,so let’s forget about him now see how he might endup…A very big disgrace to hes people

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  23. Has he cut off his penis? Please my people help m tell him to cut his penis so he bcos the real woman madamrisky idiot ,nonsense ,I don’t like wasting my time by commenting on his post,but I just want to know maybe he has cut it off

  24. ohh no man give it a break,,,i know when u about going out u spray more that five different body spray nd apply more than three roll-on due to body odour caused by those bleaching creams…u killing yourself with your own hand think about your old age plssss

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