Art & Humour Photo of the day :- What would you do if you were...

Photo of the day :- What would you do if you were in his shoes?


This is a rather unfortunate situation that no one would want to find theirselves.

Now, picture your self in the poor boy’s shoes, lol, just an imagination.

What would you do to escape this nemesis?



  1. i’ll wake up from sleep, wetin go carry me go there in real life Nelson Patrick Funmi Ajala Chekwubechukwu Annabel Christy Onyinye Izunna Alfred Queen Colleth Chigozie Ugwuoke Chidera Orlando Urama Cynthia Newton Alegbe Ugwu Nita Chisom Chisom Mirabel

  2. What will be doing a tree near the waters with a snake and lion around then a crocodile waiting for me land? I dey craze?

  3. i’ll just let the snake bite me so i’ll die and fall into the water; there i wont feel the pain of being eaten.

  4. I will com out of the shoe go straight to the branch through his body break a different branch, hold it on my hand, com down frm the tree, scare the lion wit the stick and then run away.

  5. It shows that the shoes is a condemned okirika (second) hand shoe. I will simply burn and bury the mumu shoe

  6. Apply Van Damn style for hard target take kill d snake half dead, then throw am down to d lion, while both of the dey wrestle I dump down Cain my line commot

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  8. I know its simply a dream so I will respect my self and wake up from my sleep.. Before the witches in my father’s village completes their mission on my head

  9. Hahahaha, all the comments here are damn funny , but to me, I will return his shoe and wear mine which is everything there are devil and God is not involve there, so I have to involved God cos all power belongs to him, at the mention of his son’s name every knee must bow ,for he has given me power and authority to trample on all this and I shall not be hurt and again no weapons of any type fashion or form against me shall be prosper , that is my shoe,

  10. Look d guy leg well, he no wear shoe. His shoes must be somewhere else. I’ll just wear the shoes nd continue flexing. ( if d shoe fine sha)

  11. That nigga on the tree is not even on shoes so I am pretty sure we can’t be in the same shoe…. For now I will sing silent night for him. R . I. P fela!

  12. Which shoe nah? The guy no even wear any shoes so I no fit be in his shoes in the first place. Na to wake up, read psalm 91 and continue my sleep.

  13. I will grab the snake in the neck and throw it inside the water and try to walk ontop of the tree and stay until I see help, since I have got no weight then all is well

  14. his shoes are probably too big for my feet Kolade Ayoku Abdullah Adam Aroke Nathan Katibi Faisal

  15. First him no wear shoes….y I go wear him shoe sef??? Unless I get disappearing spirit…dats d only escape route 4 him

  16. That shoe size is over size. Size 61. mine is just 43. I can’t wear that size of shoe . I thank God for my size of she he gave me I repeat size 43 glory be to God.

  17. This small guy I’m seeing hanging on a the tree, his shoe can’t size me. So, why will I be in his shoe?

  18. What Gist is trying to say is that if you were in his condition what will u do…..ahhh oyibo kill us all…common figure of speech MMM done carry go…LWKMD

  19. When all the village witches decided to play with you…… just jump n waka pass them☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  20. The best form of defense is to attack! Grab the snake by the head and drop it into the river… The reposition yourself on the tree into a more convenient spot. Remain there till you can get further help

  21. Psalms 91:14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name….indeed God is a good God happy sunday

  22. I will climb the tree’s branch very well n stay there n cut any nearby branch to remove the snake if it approach so it falls into the water for the crocodiles to fight with them while I find an escape root

  23. I will respect my self and go to Mr lion to eat without and bone left on me, than letting all those small things near me oooo

  24. I believe in God that I will walk away alive…….. and join my faith wit Daniel in the bible and walk away

  25. God forbid!!! I will never be in his shoes, which can yeye shoes but dis one. Guy wear ur shoes dey go.

  26. Nawao, all the witches wey dey your village see you for this kind condition, dem go just dey sing “soft work, its our work oo !!!!

  27. Just say the last prayer and let the will of God be done……but wetin d dude fine go there? (RIP in advance shaa..)

  28. I go grab d snake dem put am for d lion’s mouth as you can c d lion won chop d snake, both go dey struggle to survive den I go wave to dose crocodiles me go just run my last race wit d wind.

  29. Haba country people! It’s just an idiom to be in someone’s shoes and it means being in the person’s condition. If it were u, what would u do? That’s the question and what u type as in the man is not putting on shoes or u don’t wear the same size of shoe. I tire oh

  30. Now if we should see what is going on here the tree is breaking only if i can hold the snake by the head and trow it at the lion mouth that will distract the lion enough Tim for me to jump down and run for my life will the crocodile watch the fight of the lion and the snake

  31. Me ah go Simply comot from im shoe first of all, hang on another branch then commence on an emergency prayer and fasting to never return so such wicked dream! And as for him; hmmmmmm…to God be the glory la la la la la!

  32. I ll jump to the ground held the axe and kill the lion before killing the snake, the crocodile is not my business

  33. At this point anything goes just to stay alive. I’ll try pooh and throw it at the lion. Then Pee on the snake. Probably get it off the tree and then see if I can settle ☝ the where if it falls my weight will push it towards the lion. If it’s still there.

  34. first of all i.ll go fr the snak trow it into thr water to distract the crocodile den i.ll swim as fast as i can

  35. I will wait for d snake to come and bite to go n try to hold on untill d crocks n lion get tired of waiting

  36. I’ll break a branch to kill the snake, move immediately to where the snake is(center of gravity) to be at equilibrium so as to avoid easy fall, the dead snake will be used as a prey to make the Lion fall into river, the battle between the lions and the crocodiles continues as I try as much as possible to land on dry land…all these before heavy wind blows to fall the tree…. lol

  37. shebi na cartoon, anything dey possible, and so, as Jesus take waka 4 water, na run i go use take off #runningonwater#

  38. Ooh my God its just 2 sleep on top of d tree den if u fall while sleeping any of d animal dt catches u gudlock

  39. I will com out of his shoe, ask God to giv me his ladder nd I will b wearing slippers instead of shoe

  40. At the shout of Hallelujah, all the wall of Jericho will fall down flat, I prefer this type of shoe

  41. All i will do is to say my last prayer before death comes Or else otherwise if miracle happens

  42. In his shoes ke??…i will return his shoes..cux d shoes nah bad luck…see as snake ,Lion and crocodile Wan chop am at d same tym……i go return am and collect my own….. 2nd answer. Since we ar all sinners. I will just say d Lord’s prayer. Ask for forgiveness. And jump into d lion mouth., since its not a sucide ,den i will enjoy my life For Heaven.

  43. There is no way out. But the only way is to call upon God for help because He say call upon me in the days of trouble i will answer u. He say in the book of (Isaiah 43: 2) for when thou passes through the waters He say I will be with u He say the can never overflow u even in the fire u can not be burned.

  44. What else are you gonna do , say the last prayer and ask for forgiveness , so you won’t suffer on earth and end in hell

  45. I will hold the snake head drag am trow am far in side water make the crocks rush am then I go swim to the other side leave Mr lion at this side

  46. I will tie with the tree and fall on the other side of the river band. Hopefully to be save from the nightmare.

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  48. Wow!!! this shoe pass my power ooo,cos am wearing size 2 while this one is like size 94,infact I can never be in this kind of shoe in Jesus name.

  49. Blood of Zamani!!..why all these things go dey chase me kill Jesus???…guy I go just pinch ma self commot dat dream…chai

  50. I will grab the snake neck with my right hand while holding the tree with my left hand them I will throw the snake inside the mouth of the alligator then I will move to the other side

  51. The best option is to fight the snake and kill it. You can kill over power the snake but not the lion and crocodiles

  52. Sheyb nah him shoe……..lion dey chop shoe abi nah snake dey chop shoe…I go just carry my phone and record d scene for YouTube… #lobatan

  53. His shoes are definitely not my size. I cannot be in his shoes and neither can he. His conditions are his problems. I am allergic to zoo, game reserves, forests, oceans, seas, rivers. Except I’m kidnapped and put in this pathetic conditions. I’ll pray to disappear or in my mind, I’ve disappeared

  54. I will jejely jump to the lion mouth so that three animals will not use me as food at the same time.

  55. Hmm, I know I won’t ever be in that guy’s shoes by the grace of God. I said it because I have a record of never wearing stuffs that are not mine. And I am convinced that not even Buhari-induced recession will make me break that record. Lol!

  56. Mumsy told me never to wear someone shoe so it won’t possible for me to be in his shoe, coz even dis recession time him self no go gree make i enter am..

  57. I will come out of his shoe and go to my shoe because I know my shoe is save!!! Hahahahahaaaa

  58. plz wat ar u guyz talkin abt?is it the boy or the lion?it is a very simple case 1’st i will sing baba black sheep for the lion then i wil sing ome me me on the tree for the snake then if i have a wings like a dove for the crocodile,.before u no it im off the hook,.i.e day done brake no more bad dreams

  59. Guy dis 1 na death sentence b dis,no way out i go just fall 4 d water if na beg i go beg i go do am ooo

  60. This guy na goat I swear. in mate dey school, in decide to form badt guy enter jungu. e don kuku epp diz animals bring food during this recession. assuming e following me join ultimate cycler @ to make beta money, e for dey school dey find downlines na.

  61. I will junp stret inside de mout of one, enter de mout stret to de stomac destroy every tin inside and come out.

  62. VERY HARD OOH,BUT MY OPTION IS;l will hold the snake by the head and throw it to the lion and both will engage in a fight then i climb down and run away

  63. What kind of shoe is DAT?God will not allow me to be in his shoe oo CU’s his shoe is very dangerous to wear infact na death shoe be DAT

  64. What you are seeing is the mind of a coward. It’s not a physical event. It a mind full of fears. Doubt all Ventures. Finds enemy in everything and every direction

  65. I believe in God’s miracle, even though l walk through the value of shadow of death l shall fear no evil.


  67. Laffing hard. Wentin concern me concern shoes. I don’t wear shoes to church ( Cele) n coz its on a Sunday. I cant b in hz shoes.

  68. Even the devil himself can not be in that condition, why me? It’s not possible let’s not discuss it.

  69. wow it’s only God who can help in a heart time like this know man can help u so call on him the true God bcos he’s the answer.

  70. You mean Nigerians are so simple minded? I don’t believe what am seeing. Am crying for laughter.

  71. I wil jump into d water n start playing with dos crocodile, I knw d song I will sing 4 dem DAT will make dem nt 2 harm me…… D song is DIS GBEDU IS A PROBLEM

  72. I will be sharp firstly grab the snake throw am for the crocodile. Den wen dey are fighting for the meat. I go jump far from were the crocodile dey nd i will swim and come out

  73. I can never be in his shoes we be mate, wen he look me so na the same size or level we be,he don baff who he help,i tell am say I dey dream this kind dream mtchew shoe get size oh abi he nor know

  74. I will start praying. ..and in this situation only miracle is required. ..remember Daniel in the bible

  75. I will call on my Lord God for help. for my help comes from the Lord who created d heavens and and earth.

  76. I’ll turn 2 a super hero (merlin, super man, spider man, or any other super hero) then I’ll catch those animals n use them for Xmas/new yr meat since it’s close

  77. I will call the only name above any other name which is JESUS because I no he will save me and can do all things

  78. I wil relax 4 d snake wen it bite me I draw it nd put it in d river for rugged corocodile to feed on it nd relax if those idiot loin wait tire they go commot nd I wil go my way

  79. Wetin self, if na me i go just jumb inside the water, nonsense, life don tire me for this kind recession self.

  80. The best step to take, if it was me is to say my last prayers just like Jesus and jump into the river, Cuz even if I don’t jump, the snake will still bite me and that will be first death before I could land for the crocodiles to digest me,hahaha, or even if I stayed and decide not to jump the lion will still make me to, so no need,so the final bus stop is death, thanks

  81. I go jump like Judge of d Jungle, or pray make person come shoot me cos I prefer shooting to eating?

  82. Very funny….. This’s just am art work……… I will grab a pencil and draw my way back home, plus to draw a shoe on my way back home won’t be a problem

  83. For me I will beg God to forgive all my sins and I will say my last prayer and I will also commit my spirit and soul into his hand.

  84. I will pray for the grace God gave to daniel in the lions den. I will redirect it to the crocodile and swim my way outta the situation.

  85. wait 4 de snake to bite me so that b4 i fall down to the crocs i will feel no pain cz i will be dead!

  86. d guy is not even wearing shoes oll dsame if na me i go off em shoe wear ma own… life goes on…

  87. i will go for the snake to bite me then i will kill it up there then stay there for some while when those animals has gone out then i will sneak out.

  88. I swear all i have seen here is so funny…..but looking at d picture it’s not possible to be in his shoe…. Can’t u see how short his leg is? … how do u xpect me to enter his shoe when I’m not a mouse……… Well if I’m in his shoe then i will rip off his toes

  89. I will just call Jesus three times nd those rubbish will disappeare nd I will follow dt road wey I follow climb come down gentlly

  90. Lion,snake and two crocodiles??..oga I go leave him shoe..and fine my own size ni ooh

  91. I go use Indian or Chinese film trick catch Demi alive,i go carry am go sell them give zoo.i Don get money 4 December but dat

  92. I go hold d snake head use do rope tke go d oda branch den trowey am giv lion mke dere two begin fight,,,I go jux come down…RUN

  93. Just give up, cause one thing must kill a man, any other positive escape to God be the glory.

  94. I will off his shoes and put on my own straight, y my own shoes were peace and safety. Pls all lecturers in d house stay away of correcting me ooo, what those animals want here no be figure of speech but na d guy shoes

  95. I as a Nigerian don’t need to panic because the situation of this country is as the same ,if you can pass buhari government you can easily pass out of the predicament ,na normal thing jare

  96. Forget! The last person wey borrowed the shoe wear, go register MMM never return, and again if the guy manage return, many of Nija politicians don already booked 4 the shoes 4 this kind show wey the owner dey perform on top of the tree, so guys relast and wash the show maybe na them go tell us how to survive the show.

  97. answer to dis question is beyond human understanding, bt if am to be in dis condition all i av to do is to start asking for 4giveness of sin bcus am very sure dat knw way out again, unless i pray to god and in dis situation u cnt remember to pray, only god cn help us

  98. I no go leave the rope, but small small i go follow the rope go hold the nearest branch. If no way out, i go jump and stand on the two heads, so that them go fight each other then i go swim komot

    • I will com out of the shoe go straight to the branch through his body break a different branch, hold it on my hand, com down frm the tree, scare the lion wit the stick and then run away. Hehehehe… Comments?

  99. Anyway,I will pray that God should deliver me from d lions,snake and crocodile’den ,then pray for God to forgive me all my sins in case if I don’t come out alive

  100. As Nigerian, I will simply use my brain, just give them bribe and they will be on there way out……..

  101. as u all knw deres always a last minute in our lives, therefore, d last hour madness for survival could help, not with the crocs though, but the snake and then with d lion……oboy u go Sampson by force

  102. as u all knw deres always a last minute in our lives, therefore, d last hour madness for survival could help, not with the crocs though, but the snake and then with d lion……oboy u go Sampson by force

  103. The guy is not even on shoes, and you’re asking me if am in his Shoes Pls am still looking for the shoes o. Can somebody help?

  104. Take the risk…Grab the snake by the neck…then throw it into the river to distract the shark…then dive in to scare the lion. Hopefully you might be lucky to find a route to come out strong. Just take a risk don’t just stay up thinking and observing.


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