News Photo: Female fuel attendant in Kwara State found and returned lost N108,000...

Photo: Female fuel attendant in Kwara State found and returned lost N108,000 belonging to customer


A female staff of Total Nigeria has been praised for her rare display of integrity. Adeyeye Omolara (pictured in Red) returned the sum of N108,000 that a customer lost at a branch of the station. Below is the announcement made on Facebook by Total Nigeria:

“We all know that it is widespread in Nigeria that Service Station attendants are fraudulent and in fact, they have been subtly termed as “crooks”. Well, I am proud to announce to you that Total Nigeria is not in that category!

It was yesterday 1st February 2017; a report came in that a customer returned to the Total service station Yakuba road Illorin Kware state, complaining that he had lost an envelope containing money. The customer did not go beyond the pump Island hence the search started and ended there but to no avail.
Later that day, an envelope was found containing N108,000 between the sand bucket and the fuel pump. The station immediately reported the issue on air through a radio station to contact the man as he had his name on the envelope with other documents. The man later came back to the station in tears, full of appreciation and gratitude and yes the cash was handed over to him.
It was so touching to know that the N108,000 was meant for the school fees/purchase of forms for three of another man’s children and was given to him to execute. Thanks to our Heroic attendant, the money remained intact.
The Integrity and Gospel of good business ethics trickles down to the smallest bits of Total Nigeria Plc’s business operations. We are really proud of the discipline exhibited by our station staff Adeyeye Omolara (The Lady in Red) – she is our hero”.

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  1. I commend her for that… Truth be told.. I won’t turn it if I happened to be the person that found such money… God bless her for Being truthful

  2. Oya!!..CLAP FOR YOURSELF!!…You have made your parents proud in this Buhari Period and Recession times!!…What a human being who returned something that the owner might not even give you half of it but you proved us all wrong!!…#Wehdon oooh!!!…#Wehdon!!

  3. yes good citizen is always loyal but for some people it wil be had to return such amount of money

  4. The last time I tried doing something similar by returning a lost sophisticated phone worth 100k plus now, after charging the phone for the owner till 100% with my generator,the owner gave me a dirty slap and told me she never even passed that road where I found the phone.She warned me further never to make the mistake of calling her number.

  5. Just few appreciate her , My question is why are they complaining about their government ? May the God of Elijah remember you and when others are crying recession you will celebrate abundance in the mighty name of Jesus .

  6. Give me that girl, Lemme marry her. At least she won’t add more to what is needed for food shopping

  7. 100k…… too can return it to the owner,i no fit dey run up and down bcox of 100k……..

  8. Good people still exist… I might not be a pastor neither am I holy….but I just want to say as you did what is difficult to some of us here by returning this money..may the good Lord in his infinite mercy grant your heart desires and may this act mark a turning point in your life

  9. That’s integrity, I know someone ll say shes mumu, shes uses to poverty…My question for you is, if she took away the money what good thing is she gonna achieve in dis recesspensive time?

  10. KUDOS to d grl…bt if i’m in her shoe i wunt av return d money…cos na God wan butter my bread o

  11. A female petrol attendant returned such money in a state that serves as abode for professional looters, forgers and slave masters. Ah!!!!!!!! it is incredible.

  12. I’ve done something similar, mine wasn’t up to that amount sha, twas @ my working place, a customer bought good worth 37,000 but over counted the money & gave me 48,000, i had to tell him & return the 10k extra back to him, & after that how much did he give me? just guess?

  13. She has a gud hrt God will bless her abundantly…. Those of you saying she shouldn’t have returned the money wen u find any missing money kip it don’t return it wen bad things starts happening to you dats wen u will regret keeping someone’s sweat.

  14. She knows where she is going, she knows that the money cannot make her rich… Thank you God for giving her such a @ in time like this

  15. In this year and thereafter God will embarass you with favour. People around you will testify. You will recover all you have lost. Above all sickness and untimely death are not your portions, Amen

  16. hahahaha someone should please pass me the weed, in this recession? Its a planned stuff fam, maybe she is looking for a husband and de come plan am so that people go say she is a wife material

  17. And thats why there is this snapping of pics? I dont think it deserves that because its what she ought to do forget about this country and corruption-filled life we lead. Nonsense! Another and disguised planned criminal act for future purposes

  18. is dis girl 4rm nija?4 dis buhari economy na pesin go return dat kind ego na wa oo I trust some nigerians no matter d ebo dem no go return….lolzzz.weii may God continue 2 bless u sis u will neva lack,were oda are shoutin castin down u will be sayin dere is a liftin up.Amen

  19. This is a proof that there are still gud pple living on the face of the earth……those who think its impossible i hope dis will make u change ur mid

  20. Nah wah o…some pple go dey reason like fowl…how can someone say that small girl is planning to be a house wife now….at this tender age….make una dey reason well before you open that gutter u call mouth o….you’ve done well girl….

  21. Its not a big deal but it appeared so because we are in recession and someone was able to do this. Weldone sis

  22. Wat-a-such-nice-lady-2-hv-in-dis-buhari-recession-period-by-doin-d-right-tin-at-d-right-time-wow-for-dis-actoin-may-u-and-ur-family-nt-lack-in-jesus-name-God-bless-u

  23. See as dem dey struggle to hand over envelope for the pics…Even the gurl that found the money isn’t holding the envelope …mumu people..

  24. Them come even put am for back, they are the one acting like the hero, just look at the pix,its like she is just there watching and not the one they are talking about


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