Viral News Photo of mother and daughters that made internet go crazy…

Photo of mother and daughters that made internet go crazy…



Where are the fitness freaks? Let’s digest this.

This lady shared this photos on twitter and tagged it ‘My mother, I and My Sis’ #Twins. Well, three people can’t be not twins. But that’s not the issue.

The uncanny resemblance between all three makes it hard for us to place the mum amongst the three of them.

Can you identify whom the mum is?



  1. They’re all very young. Maybe she had them at a very young age. I think the Mom is the third though

  2. Hard to tell but the father and husband of the supposed mother of the children should easily answer this

  3. Eyi wa leni ko si nkan… All were young this early age birth maybe @teenagers age… I guess she’s d one with seat belt look more matured with d poss n face

  4. I would have said the one with a brown-hairy jacket is the mom but i just notice a ring on the finger of the lady sitting@ the right hand side of the car

  5. I think d mum is d one with brown hairy jacket, look matured thou it’s hard to tell which one.. It’s wonderful

  6. Bring the three of them to my apartment tonight.I’ll run a test on them and give you a feedback in less than 24 hours


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