Art & Humour Photo of a University Graduate Selling Moi-Moi

Photo of a University Graduate Selling Moi-Moi


As shared by a social media user, read below:

“A Customer’s Report: This chic you see here is a University graduate. Her Queen’s English was mind blowing. The way she handled selling her moimoi ehhhh?! I had to buy more than I came for. Her customer service was. I felt like I was in a 5 star restaurant. Talk about selling moimoi with class. Some people may look down on her, but this chic could go home daily with nothing less than 20k profit. Multiply that by 6 days a week and 28 days a month. some of you corporate guys don’t earn that as salary.”

LMAO Checkout This Funny Reply To A Question On Twitter



  1. At least, she is not wasting her time joining fellow undergraduate job seekers. That’s a good start.

  2. Hard work is key. Success doesn’t mean you have to get a government job. You can start from anywhere with anything and if you’re consistent enough, the sky will be your starting point.

  3. At least she has respected WOMANHOOD,she’s not a prostitute, and she’s not busy wasting her time in Sun in search of job…#Hustle_Legally•••

  4. Those girls that use this recession as an excuse to sell their bodies in exchange for money has no excuse. There is dignity in labour, nne may God bless your hustle.

  5. Strange way how things we never could imagine could be the source of our happiness becomes the main part of our lives!!

  6. The problem with most Nigerian graduates is they don’t even know the reason for going to the university. The university ought to make you see everyday problems from the eye of a professional and how to proffer solution. All she needs do is apply that to her business. Too notch packaging, device creative method of marketing and ensure great hygiene in terms of production, outline a time frame of where you want the business to be in next 5 years…etc


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