Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Photo Of The Day! It Only Happens In Ibadan

Photo Of The Day! It Only Happens In Ibadan


Where else in Nigeria have you seen ATM machine that is locked with gate like this? The picture above is one of the ATM locations in Ibadan where a Security man locks and opens the small gate before any one can go in to withdraw money…



  1. Rubbish talk! Na una sabi…..obvious you the poster ain’t from Ib, prolly from somewhere more tush, innit?? Reason you wrote “ATM machine”, some silly mistake some dude from that same Ibadan, like myself, would never make. Olodo oshi.

  2. Y re all dese bloggers so stupid…. I tot gistreel ws actually more reasonable Dan Linda ikeji’s BH obviously u pple fink in same direction.d bank dt only uses ds is first bank. N ds is abt first bank and not Ibadan pple. And no security opens or locks it. It’s jus a coincedence dt d man is standing Dre. D way u bloggers fink Mehn…. Iont jus get it.


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