Viral News Photos of Seyilaw, Charly Boy at the Protest in Lagos

Photos of Seyilaw, Charly Boy at the Protest in Lagos


Photos of Seyilaw, Charly Boy at the Protest in LagosDespite the cancellation of the protest by 2face, comedian Seyilaw and area ‘fada’ Charly Boy still joined the protesters at the National stadium in Lagos.

Charly Boy ditched his extravagant facial rings, retaining his hand jewelry as her marched at the forefront of protesters.

Photos of Seyilaw, Charly Boy at the Protest in LagosSeyilaw brought forth his support by donning a Nigerian vest as he was spotted with the protesters in Lagos.



  1. Wow… That’s something. Bcos 2face cant come doesnt mean it can’t go on. Many nigerians are tired of buhari governance. I just hope the govt. will listen to wat d ppl r protesting to…

  2. Please I’m in mile2 Lagos how do I meet up with 15,000 youth matching to welcome Mr president from here

  3. Good one charly boy and seyilaw. Atleast in the midst of the youths protesting, there are some celebrities in their midst. Just hoping that their protest wont be in vain..

  4. i don’t know why but when i called 2face around 5pm this evening he telled me that he is ashamed of himself , but thats not the problem self, the issue now is that he want to sell one of his face, so brethren 1face for sale, looking for buyers

  5. I am surprise when the started this change of a thing I refused to vote for APC but now the change is coming out to be the worse , for half salary to Know salary [SAY BUAHARI “O” CHANGE EEL] and now who is to blame the govt. Or ourselves make unar answer my question hahaha

  6. Diz charly boy he is not serious at all,,security warns dem 2 STP dis protest but he refused

  7. You guys should stop insulting 2 baba… he is the hero … non of this star tot of this. kudos to 2 baba. U are too much… if you get sense you will forever praise him.. yes he pulled out but his ministry stands

  8. This could signal the end of APC government and do not be surprised if Buhari comes out of nowhere to make his presence in the country!!

    • Both apc and pdp, are all birds of same feathers fighting for their own selfish interests. Hmm may God help nigeria

  9. I honor 2face for bringing this idea though he’s to cum out cuz of d threats, after all he’s just a human like we all nd gat families too. Respect to #charlieboy area father nd #seyilaw

    • To me 2 baba tried by crying out first and moved the mass, he may have backed out but he still achieved his aim but as a man don’t start something you will never finish, the pride of a man are his words.

  10. This Charlie boy is a complete hypocrite. So he went and even at the forefront. Hay 2face must hear this.

  11. Area father!!! Abegii you people should continue, mehn for me I wan enter go check Oga buhari oh, from PH to London with Bike (Okada) na how much?

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  13. This charley boy is pretending so dat pple would call 2face names, nd so he will be praised

  14. A president not sure when he’s coming. Northern based Christians been killed yet nothing is done, money been looted with reckless abandoned and still despite all this nothing is been heard from the useless govt we have here in this country. It’s become apparent that only when a drastic action is taken that is when we see some sort of response from the useless authorities. Some weeks ago they wanted to arrest the apostle who said the simple truth and now they threatened 2face out but thank God the protest is going on. Nigeria as a country is not united at all and only God can save us.. SAY NO TO CORRUPTION.. #ONENIGERIA

  15. Charleyboy have the gut to insult 2face and still show his face in the protest fixed by 2face even tho he pull….. 2face is mummy boy even 10X better than Charley

  16. Am there very well… More vasline to our elbows cos grease too black it will dirty our cloths… #lol

  17. oya let’s rock it out! even our Nigerians in UK now are protesting telling d presido to step out of that hotel and address them for 5 mins, but baba no show face.. abeg where baba dey oooooo

  18. I love 2face ad God will surely bless this guy. His name will never b forgeting in this life

  19. If they say that the music industry would lead a massive protest, who would HV believed?…anything can happen in Nigeria. Since we have a missing president, I have been more convinced.

  20. What a Benue man cannot do,an Igbo man can do better but see as Charley boy,sorry Charley grandpa dey look with fear like…make these useless policemen no go shoot ooo…God I beg ooo.

  21. please let us all stop pouring blames on 2face please he really tried. He took a very big bold step which none of us did. My people we are in his shoes we would have done the same. He remembered his family and had a rethink.

  22. I know all these people throwing blames when you are asked to vote you wouldn’t, just stay at home passing blames.

  23. Charley boy that mocked tubaba, beside this news is fake they’re all suppose to wear green

  24. Look at old fool pigs like Charles going for protest what are they protesting say BABA say buhari know give then money


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