Weird and Strange Photos: Woman Uses Menstrual Blood to make Painting of Baby

Photos: Woman Uses Menstrual Blood to make Painting of Baby


Photos: Woman Uses Menstrual Blood to make Painting of BabyIn a strange display of art, a woman collected the blood from her menstrual cycle for four months to make a painting of a developing foetus.

Artist Timi Pali wanted to make an image which represents the importance and fragility of motherhood.

She used tampons to collect her menstrual blood and her fingers to paint the matter onto four individual canvases which were eventually placed together.

Photos: Woman Uses Menstrual Blood to make Painting of BabyMirror magazine reports that Pali said

“The focus is not on the blood, but the work has its message because of the menstrual flow. One drop of experiment and I realise the beauty of the pain, the value of the period, fertilising my whole being.

Photos: Woman Uses Menstrual Blood to make Painting of Baby“The periodic elimination of my ovum with my menstrual flow inspired me to give birth to something which has a biological end, and to create the start of the end. She concluded”

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  1. Its just a true reflection of what she is feelin at heart. But i don’t seems to understand why she doing all this?

  2. what! haba! women respect ur womanhood.even if she is desperate to hv a baby, this drowing will not come to life becuse she use mentrul blood that blood is sacret

  3. Why must she use her mestrual blood just to draw an art illustrating motherhood? It’s so unprofessional and irritating… Couldn’t she have looked for something similar to a mestrual blood and use it? May God help us oh

  4. Geestreel how is this a news? I am eating at the moment look at what you posted. Now I can’t continue eating this my fried rice with cold slaw with green peas and marched chicken and Turkey lap, farm fresh yogurt beside. this is not fair, now I will have to use iya basira buka. Nonsense!

  5. Her own menstrual blood na petrol or wetin she the use pump am self out self import am come naija omo see beating like die.

  6. Frm my point of veiw: That is to show that she is in need of baby and nt menstrual blood anymore. Maybe any possible move of to have a baby prove abortive and out of fustration she did that. May God bless those that are in need. AMEN

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  8. Mmm soo disgausting, nice painting but she couldnt have used that, y do we have paint and otherpainnting asset, nawa ooo

  9. But honestly i respect her courage,, it clear she wana pass and information that we are yet to understand what is all about


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