Viral News (Photos) Zambian Prophet Prays For ‘Ladies’ Bathing Soap To Intice Men

(Photos) Zambian Prophet Prays For ‘Ladies’ Bathing Soap To Intice Men


Controversial and flamboyant  Zambian pastor , Prophet Anointed Benard, popularly known as Commander 1, last week asked his church female members to bring various soaps to church, so that the soap can be anointed by a special prayer.

Church members mostly females stormed the Shammah Miracle Embassy church for the Prophet to pray and get it converted to supernatural soaps.

According to Tumfweko, once the soap is prayed for it will to enable the ladies lure men into love relationships, among other things.

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Prophet Anointed Benard claimed that once he prayed for the soap it become “supernatural” and it would help the ladies in sorting out various problems in their relationships.

Last month, Prophet Anointed Benard asked his members to bring out their bank cards and prayed that God should miraculously credit their cards.



  1. So they cannot attract men with their character, they will need extra things to intice men. No wahala nah, when you use soap to entice men, be ready to sustain it with perfumes, creams and dozens of soap.

  2. Not really a fake pastor, sometimes let’s think all pastor most not be dsame this might be from God to this pastor just to baf out the evil odor out of them,not that they will use the soap 4 eva (if u don’t like it don’t say what you don’t know or sure of

    • Exactly, this is spiritual, but some people like judging their fellow so easily like that, they should reads 1Corinthians chapter 12verse 4 before passing their judgement on that man of God

  3. And this gistreel they make the thing some how for mind when u read most of there post,maybe the pastor did not say to attract men,maybe is not just only the woman

  4. The last thing I heard is a pastor giving his member rat poison and now this one praying to ladies soap to intice men.. Pastors we hail thee

  5. If is just to lure men into love then I pity those girls because God doesn’t answer such prayer

  6. I don’t think its fake, maybe this is what God ask him to do them, there are difference in operation, differences in administration, but same God worketh all in all 1corinthians 12:4

  7. All dz fake fake one’s…… Copying d real ones n confusin d pple of God… Dat ur backyard calabash wil soon fail u…. mtchewww….. Dz z jst lik charm pls….. He said wid hz own mouth de reason he prayed 4d soaps….. Dahz crap… So wah if more dan one man start following a gal after usin it…

  8. Maybe d gal has d spirit dat is chasing mens away,so d soap will be use to chase d spirit away from her body

  9. Lol. This is so serious oh. WTF! That is to show that we men sef are not safe. Even when we dont love some ladies, their charm will turn our hearts upside down to love those we actually dont love. Ladies!!! For the pastor, I no get time for him. May God help men oh


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