Viral News Photos/Video:Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex Seun Egbegbe Arrested for Attempting to Dupe BDC Operator...

Photos/Video:Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex Seun Egbegbe Arrested for Attempting to Dupe BDC Operator N10million


Photos/Video:Toyin Aimakhu's Ex Seun Egbegbe Arrested for Attempting to Dupe BDC Operator N10millionToyin Aimakhu made the news again for the atrocities committed by her ex-lover Seun Egbegbe.

Late last year, Seun was accused and beaten up for stealing several high-end iPhones.

Seems he did not learn his lessons as he was allegedly caught trying to rip off unsuspecting Mallam N10m today while pretending to be a medical doctor.

In the video, a roughly handled Seun was seen attempting to cover his face from the camera as he was being held by the police while the Mallam gave a recount of his story.

Nigerian lady calls out friend who stole her iPhone X, N3m and Gold chain

According to reports, he was arrested around Gbagada area of Lagos.

See video below:

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  1. Blame it on recession for the wrong character, 10M its not a small money, make game touch the guy

  2. OMG!!..It’s for real!,THIS GUY HAS BEEN CURSED!!!…I open my yansh to the madam wey dey do this guy!!.. #wehdon ma

  3. this guy be use as and example to the others in naija 419 is what the do for a living in abroad the keep quayet like a watching night dog try am there na them put you to kirikiri

  4. I guess Something is really wrong with dis guy, am perplexed he need gud prayer warriors to gather round him & pray 4 him, cos if he continue like dis u might see untimely death.

    • You are right,this is not normal again.his family should stand up for him.this is a total disgrace

  5. This guy is a real thief believe me, he’s full of dubious act. His a fraudsters…

  6. This guy is a fraudstar and he has not learnt from his mistake; this guy should be brought to justice to face the wrath of the law.

  7. This is not normal anymore,,his family members should stand up for not sure this is natural

  8. Plz stp kalin him toyin’s ex,she’s nt d oly 1 in d game,dr r stil sm orda actresses d guy had it wit,plz let toyin be….Guy I think u nid a serious deliverance,i hope n pray u succeed ds 1 oooooooo,no1 wch 4 ur untimely death……. Repent

  9. This guy have started again. Has he forgotten how he was beaten the last time but I think this thing, stealing, is in his blood

  10. Am sorry but I must confess that this guy need serious deliverance. I don’t know much about him or his past but I believe a spell was cast on him. I just dey pity him. Maybe someone he hurt so much is bound to disgrace and destroy him. Quote me if you like but anything is possible. All he need is God’s mercy.

  11. Wooow, pays with much bonuses. Refer one person and get 4500 as bonus

  12. Lol… It’s as if this guy went for masters but preparing to go for his Ph.d in stealing. Haba! Others are becoming celebrities through one tangible thing or other, some are idiot celebrities like Bobrisky, and u didnt see any to choose. All u could choose was stealing? Just pray one day u wont steal the one that will take ur life, if ur stealing stories or rumours are true….

  13. Must dey always tag dis thief wit toyin aimakhu..person no dey get ex nahin she get ex..Abeg make una no spoil toyin name for person ooo..haba!

  14. Why do they still tag his ex’s name with his all the time.. I think he has smthn which is called ‘name’ and shd b used as such

  15. Addressing this Seun Egbegbe as Toyin Aimaku’s ex is a disgrace to Toyin.It is a lesson to women that they should concern themselves with knowing what a man actually does for a living before getting committed with him.All that glitters is not gold…

  16. Pls u people should write his name without adding her ex’s name She’s a public figure Pls so as not to make people to start having trust issues with her

  17. Wait is this a joke or what, i dnt even understand were did the mallam get the money from, i wonder oo

  18. D guy no dey taya for dis him bad life today na dis one tomorrow na anoda one God forbid ooo.

  19. Why bringing Toyin’s name when you know is her ex or you want to use her to sell your junk

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  21. The charm done 4 him don spoil,everyday 4 d thief one day 4 d owner God don catch am him creator don comot 4 him back

  22. He is under a spell and needs God’s interventions. His family should start looking for a black sheep when it is still day light.

  23. Him again the guy get spiritual problem DAT he suppose to look for where it will solve

  24. D person dat s post d this Tinz maybe he s lie like dat very time he stole phone he steole money, as for me I can not believe it.


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