Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Physically Challenged Man Spotted Riding a Bike In Lagos State

Physically Challenged Man Spotted Riding a Bike In Lagos State


There’s really no excuse for been lazy and being unproductive.

This handicapped man was pictured at Berger, Lagos on a bike going about his daily hustle.

May God bless him.



  1. THIS shows that there is nothing you’re not capable of once you set your mind to it. Like, the teaching in yesterday’s power night @ church. “What you express, is what you impress”

  2. Wow! That’s so inspiring. People should try to see and think beyond their physical disabilities bcos they r just hindrances to ur breakthrough. I watched a video on instagram yesterday of how a woman who had a physical disability that couldnt allow her to talk and rejected by many, made good use of her life and now,her cookery or baking business is now expanding and bcoming popular to an extent she had to appear on live tv.

  3. Amazing! If people who are physically challenged, try to see beyond their current situation, there is no work that they wont be able to do or accomplish. Good one man..

  4. That’s so amazing, at least he is hustling unlike others who even have two hands and complete body and go about begging. God bless your hustle

  5. God bless your hustle… Me I don’t give to an able man n woman. Hail n healthy…. I bless d disabled… Sow to people who ll make God bless u.


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