Editorials Pls help… Should I Cancel My Wedding Or Not??? | See His...

Pls help… Should I Cancel My Wedding Or Not??? | See His Reasons.


broken-marriageSo this supposed groom to be seeks your honest and rational advice on whether or not he should marry his bride to be because of some certain reasons.

He wrote:

Hi everyone, I have my wedding next week, been having this cloud of doubt in my heart about the whole wedding, for various reasons.

1. Me and my fiancee have been arguing a lot about money these days. she is a bit frivioulous and just wants to spend on the wedding without considering if the money is there.
2. My heart just keeps beating, she seems like someone who will give me a lot of problems the ways she react.
3. She also never listens, when i try to advise her.

After Paying Her School Fees & Bills From 100 To 500 Level, Now She Said ‘I Can’t Marry An Illiterate

This has been bothering me for a while now, her parents and mine have invested a lot in the wedding preparation so it’s a bit confusing for me now. Don’t know how to go about it.




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