Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Policeman threatens to shoot African China for not settling him (Photo/Video)

Policeman threatens to shoot African China for not settling him (Photo/Video)


The dancehall singer just shared this photo(above) and video of a Policeman that jump in front of his car while threatening to shoot him. 

In the video, we can see the policeman pointing a gun at him.

The Policeman with his AK47 rifle

He wrote on IG,

“Nigeria see the kind of police men this Government put on our police station’s to serve dis nation…. After shooting @soundsultan music video in Aj I was about leaving after given money to Area boy’s. Dis stupid police man jump in front of my car and threatened to shoot me. Naija make una see oh. Him beg me to Delete d video but I told him I will post it.”

True to his words, he posted it.

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  1. Why u nor go settle am? Abi u nor get money? Settle him and save urself from embarrassment….na all these kind tin dey cause extra judicial killings..ok if how u dey follow am argue then he vex shoot u nkor? U go just die for notin…like one man said “” and body wen carry gun,respect am.do anything he say mk u do,then lata u go report am”” becos if u follow am drag he fit shoot u ooo.. Na wa oooo

    • Bla Bla Bla. Z it a must dat he will give dem money? Police nd bribe. If nt 4 d gun he z holding, let him drop it let dem do it man 2 man. Rubbish

    • Amy Gold……..wot a useless bush pig u are…..nor worry.wen u have an experience with a police man carrying gun then u open ur useless pit toilet and tell him all the foolish sheet u are saying now…idiot

    • That’s why I don’t pity for people that are been killed extra judicially….. Una go dey follow who carry gun dey drag…..fool

    • Amy Gold….if thief cum ur house ennn..then tell am say make he drop gun mk una do am hand to hand….u hear….idiot….I can see that u surely will end ur life by gunshot…that good to know…..stupid tin…..

    • Ur generation will end dia life by gun shot. Nd Z ur own house dat thief will come. Anyways idnt ve time 2 exchange useless words wit a fool

    • Bishop and Amy Gold clappe for ur self, u guy really tak overdose panadon for another person headek

    • He started evrytn. Y cnt he reply in a polite manner or evn ignore the comment dan using abusive words

    • Honestly when people like Amy Gold talks I see how difficult it is to fix foolishness…I wonder how u cop with such stupidity amongst ur family members…listen to ur self, how on earth will u wrestle with a man wit a gun? #TOOBAD#

  2. This is really serious oh. Policemen are known for that threat sef. No be new thing. Make the african china just close eye settle am so that he no go die for small amount of money

  3. In other countries police are meant to protect life and properties of its citizens but in my country we are d ones protecting life and properties of our police

  4. can’t u see how he was struggling to meet him in his car… Nigerian police are just foolish, sophisticated fools.

  5. Lol. See this man, nigeria can’t survive in a fight with china. They would easily destroyed us

  6. This policemen are the ones disgracing themselve, if you give them 20naira bribe to drink pure water they will accept, later they will call themselve brave men, mthceeeewwww

  7. Na threat mY Bro he no get bullet for the gun Na only mouth them get, I have try it and he later beg

  8. Is not a must he give dem money nah, y d rubbish threat because of how much? U want to claim another man’s life….

  9. All these policemen no dey send o, even if dem be celebrities. Our way for this country no pure at all

  10. how sure are we that Is really African China,he should have shown his face in that video

  11. Ajegunle gangan…. African china…. If u no him from onset u ll understand me without typing…

  12. Please I have a question to ask you guys.Who do you think is reasonable and compassionate between a POLICEMAN and POLICEWOMAN????

  13. Mtweeew…..he sees you as a Star…dats why he is desperate to get something from…. You wud have given him at least small change….wat if you loose ur life !…..economy is nt smiling… Everybody dey vex!

  14. dat is why we need biafra.to put a stop to all dis kind of tin.sha u carry any sbeat way u go give am money

  15. D police no dey pity person? African China wey still dey find money to chop. If na person like Davido, Tekno, Wizkid, Phyno, Runtown and some other trending artistes i would have known what to say.

    • Bcos he is no longer singing nor trending, thats why u said he is looking for money to chop! Are u in his pocket? Do u no how much money in his bank account? Has he beg money or food from u or ur relative before? Use ur brain, and shut ur dirty mouth if u dont no what to comment.

    • I don’t talk to idiots who can’t post correct sentence without editing it. Get lost, nitwit.

  16. That police man is hungry so he wants to shoot someone over 200naira abi, prison dey dace for your brain sir

  17. hmmm corruption every where.abeg where apc dey shebi them say dem dey fight corruption

  18. Ok now wat was the action? Did he shoot him or did he settle him or maybe exchange punch. Dem no tell us again and u guys are here quarreling each other. #letmecomeandbegoing


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