Weird and Strange Popular Pastor Forces Church Members To Drink Dettol Disinfectant For Miracles

Popular Pastor Forces Church Members To Drink Dettol Disinfectant For Miracles



A popular South African clergy, Prophet Rufus Phala of AK Spiritual Christian Church in Makgodu, Limpopo, has stunned people with his unusual healing methods.

The man shocked members and outsiders when he made his church members drink Dettol.

This is coming just a few weeks after one Prophet Lethebo Rabalago sprayed his congregation with Doom, to heal them of afflictions.

According to Daily Sun SA, Prophet Rufus made his church members drink Dettol during Sunday service.

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Prophet Rufus reportedly told the congregation to drink the antiseptic liquid, promising they will be healed of their sickness.

“I know Dettol is harmful, but God instructed me to use it. I was the first one to drink it,” he claimed.

He also claimed he has been getting WhatsApp messages from people who say they have been healed.

Dr Mabowa Makhomisane, a general practitioner, said Dettol is harmless when mixed with bath water or when cleaning a wound.

“But if it goes into your stomach and gets absorbed into your body, it decreases the amount of oxygen in your system. This might cause to you collapse and die.

“If you vomit the liquid into your lungs, it causes aspiration pneumonia.

“Your lungs will get swollen and you won’t be able to breathe.”

Dr Makhomisane advised the people who drank the liquid to consult a doctor to check whether any damage was done.

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  1. I trust my naija folks…they will finish it in one gulp…anything for miracles… nonsense

  2. I think if it is not illiteracy and ignorance,then these members of this church should be taken for mental check up.

  3. The pastor needs to be distoxicified himself before giving the members… End time has come.

  4. Pastor again strange things are happening they hide under the umbrella of Jesus Christ deceiving there followers

  5. Hmmm r dese ppl blindfolded dat dey dont no wot dettol is used 4 ? Oneday dirty water 4rm gutter would be served 2 u

  6. Story for the gods. If that is not Pepsi or cock inside the can, then the girl is desperate for marriage miracle. She is above 18 and knows when to say no I can’t take this or accept. Rubbish.


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