Art & Humour Pre-wedding Photo Finally Goes Wrong

Pre-wedding Photo Finally Goes Wrong


A couple are currently being shamed on social media for rocking customized shirts with wrong grammatical expressions.

The shirt designer used the non-existent word ‘stoled’ in place of the word ‘stole’.

On the shirt of the man carried the inscription ‘I stoled your heart’ while that of the lady had ‘I stoled your surname’.

Social media commenters wonder how the mistake eluded the couple, photographer, on-lookers and even friends and family members close to them.

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  1. Hhahahahaha, maybe they wanted it that way, you cant say they are both dumb as the photographer also, just saying

    • Even yhu ursef made a blunder…next time check ursef bfr mocking odas cuz u are nt different…..d right sentence is *and the printer printed it in a hurry or Betta still in a jiffy

    • deborah do u really think am against d blunder on their chest, am a passer by having fun, only nigerians take grammar so seriously yet d same grammar is killing us daily, left to me no one is a perfectionist on dis issues, if u care to knw most whites make d worst blunder

  2. It doesnt matter…as far u guys got d info dey are trying to pass…moreover thats d essence of communication….as u can c,dey are happy…every oda tin z secondary…if u hv an issue wit d spelling,deal wit it


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