Wedding Pre-Wedding Shoot Are These Pre-Wedding Photos?

Are These Pre-Wedding Photos?



A man took to Facebook to share these photos and wrote, “Imagine someone’s pre-wedding shoots”

What do you think about these photos?




  1. Make I share am too lol… #LIKING and SHARING all GISTREEL.COM F.B post that I have commented in!!..

  2. what were they thinking before taking this pics? This is so not good to use for a pre- wedding pics

  3. Lol!! We all kuku know that that’s what gonna happen. So why the advertisement. Anyways its just funny to me..

  4. Those pictures are not qualified to be pre-wedding shots… I even thought they were Randy teenagers… But now I’m sure they are adults,, I’m sure their village witches have been so busy lately.. But it’s none of my business..

  5. They still believe marriage is all about sex. I am sure these ones do not know what marriage is

  6. I just feel like oush ….I love this but be careful not to misbehave in front of your kids children learn fast especially in things like this. Carry go….

  7. You have said it all with the caption “Pre-WEEDING pictures”.If they can do all these before smoking WEED,what will happen after the WEED???

  8. Una for naked do am, not Putin oh close this is nonses you never know wati marriage be, you think marriage is milk and honey


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