News President Buhari Releases Fresh Pictures As He Dispels Death Rumours

President Buhari Releases Fresh Pictures As He Dispels Death Rumours


President Muhammadu Buhari has again dispelled rumours of his alleged death with photos of him and his wife Aisha Buhari in the UK in latest proof of life.

The pictures are the third in the series of picture evidences released to quell rumours of the president’s alleged death.

Recall that the first evidence was a picture of the president released while watching a Channels television eight days ago on Sunday, January 22.

IPOB Member Places Casket For President Buhari At Nigerian Embassy In Belgium

The second evidence were series of pictures of the President meeting with some government officials which was released some days back.

The All Progressive Congress (APC’s) UK Twitter handle has tweeted the photos, somewhat confirming the authenticity of the pictures.

Meanwhile, the date of President Muhammadu Buhari’s return has been made known by his special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina.



  1. Me I cannot wish somebody death o, cos I know the psychologically trauma the family would go thru, Pikin no fine, but e mama still like am like that.. That’s the case of Buhari & some Nigerians wishing death.. Even with all the drama, I think he still gat a family and they cherish him.. Not my business tho

  2. I wonder why they are showing us pictures which can be photoshopped. Buhari should go for life video broadcast to clear this mess, am sure it won’t cost BBC and CNN London anything if they shoot him on air live. But whichever way, we are still waiting for you at the junction which is February 6th.

  3. I’m not surprised that nigerians take him to be dead. When they see that he is not doing his full duty as president, rather he will go to UK as if he is going to toilet using his sickness as excuse. I’m not trying to support or oppose anything here oh.. All I knw is that if the president is not always in his country doing his duty as a president, his people will take him to be dead since a dead person can’t do anything…

  4. awuf!! b0naza…#click and Check it out… very easy and trusted way of puting a smile on your face…..

  5. For me oh, if a president isn’t active in his duty as a president, he is equal to a dead person… Simple.. Whether he is alive or not

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  7. Dead or alive…dat nigga bin dead to me a long time ago since wen he failed to meet his campaign promises

  8. President Mohammed Buhari might still be alive but not surely looking very healthy. I think He should give power to younger youths in Nigerians But on a second thought he have to travel to London for medical treatment right why not use d hospitals here in Nigeria and the doctors for d list change should begin with him.shine ur eyes my ppl

  9. All this “Nigerians” that is wishing my president death, it is your president that will die. Lolololos

  10. abeg,shey na uk get naija’s coat of arm logo in their house abi???,u better don’t deceive urself,that man is dead there but they don’t want to disclose it on time,thats why and they don’t want his vice to become the next president,thats why they are trying all dis rubbishes they are practicing,fuck them all bitches

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  12. Why is he looking fat in the picture, he has started adding weight ooo, at least the country be fat again

  13. Photo shop! His face not clear! AND THE WIFE BODY NO FIT TOUCH BUHARI BODY! Cos na another man be that and the carry buhari face put dia! Fake photo another lie plz

  14. The head na buhari , the chest no be presido the man no big like this na and tge hands no too well like that na

  15. leaning at the angle of the chair not in center you are telling me everyting is well? hnmmm wishes him quick recovery

  16. Look closely,that’s an old photo,buhari is dead,if he isn’t,he should show himself and not some stupid photo

  17. Abegi he is not showing us leader by example don’t we have some hospitals in Nigeria, he should equip them to make the change he promised and treat himself there why always London I Wonder oh

  18. I don’t know why Nigerians are always trying to keep deceiving fellow Nigerians over nothing sake. We need to hear our President talk or moreover come back to his country so that we will know our stand.


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