News President Donald Trump To Ban 2-year Multiple Entry Visa For Nigerians

President Donald Trump To Ban 2-year Multiple Entry Visa For Nigerians


Except the federal government takes a proactive visa policy review, Nigerians will no longer be issued with American entry visas which have two-year validity following the Executive Order signed on Friday by President Donald Trump, TheCable can report.

Also, Nigerians who hold dual nationality will be affected if their other passport is from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — the seven Muslim-majority countries “of concern”.

A lot of attention has been on the temporary visa ban on citizens of the seven Muslim-majority countries, but the impact on Nigerians is far more than previously thought.

An analysis of the Executive Order by TheCable editors shows that at least two sections will affect Nigerians directly.

Nigeria currently only issues a one-year multiple-entry visa to Americans, which is a non-reciprocation of the two-year visa the country issues to Nigerians.

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Section 9 of the Executive Order states: “The Secretary of State shall review all nonimmigrant visa reciprocity agreements to ensure that they are, with respect to each visa classification, truly reciprocal insofar as practicable with respect to validity period and fees, as required by sections 221(c) and 281 of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1201(c) and 1351, and other treatment. If a country does not treat United States nationals seeking nonimmigrant visas in a reciprocal manner, the Secretary of State shall adjust the visa validity period, fee schedule, or other treatment to match the treatment of United States nationals by the foreign country, to the extent practicable…”

By this provision, except the federal government quickly moves to extend the validity of Nigerian visa to Americans, Nigerians too will be issued with one-year visas.

Given that the Trump order takes immediate effect, Nigerians holding valid two-year US visa are most likely going to be affected.

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Nigeria is also not reciprocating the fees charged by the American government — despite shorter visa validity.

While the US charges Nigerians $160 for a typical visit visa, Nigeria charges $180, in addition to a $35 “processing fee”.

The section on dual nationality involving seven Muslim-majority countries is not expected to affect a significant number of Nigerians because of a second citizenship of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen is not common.

Many Nigerians, including government officials, hold dual nationality with either the US or Europe.

However, Nigerians who have been to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen in recent times may be subjected to extra immigration control with possible deportation.



  1. When the landlord is tired of the tenant, the tenant should go look for another apartment, he may not know if that’s the way God want to give him his own house.

  2. My uncle was pronouncing FUFU in American accent last xmas.. I learnt he’s still in d villa Uncle u have d whole of two years to learn a lot about fufu, from harvesting d casava to pounding d fufu..

  3. Trump, please deport my uncle. He has been living in the states for the past 12 years & he doesn’t call or send gift but he’s always online on Facebook

  4. Seriously, why does he wants to do this? Just bcos every where u go, according to wat he said, you always see a nigerian, doesn’t mean u should ban the nigerians na. Atleast set some rules for us. Why some nigerians run to the US is bcos they love the life there. It’s kinda comfortable over there, knowing that there are no bombing, economic recession and watsoever. If u r gonna ban nigerians, then ban other countries too from entering the US

    • The more we nigerians are trying to make this country better, the more we are wasting our time. It’s just as if we take one step 4ward and 5 steps backward. So, nigerians who are tired to this backwardness and want a better life, will decide to go to the US to live their lives. You can’t blame them.. Nigerians are not ready to move 4ward.. We are just doing things for the interest of tribes, religions, cultures, etc… We are not doing it with one full understanding. That’s why we r going backwards as a country

  5. It can’t be so, u ll see… Its in our country we don’t respect ourself… They respect us outside Nigeria… Nigeria visa I hard n expensive to get. You can confirm

  6. He has not even spend some months as president, he has already started planning to ban nigerians? Haba..

    • He already said he will,in his complain.he said as a businessman with a lot of businesses around n many workers including Nigerians.we are always trying to steal or doing something bad to our employers.frankly speaker we Nigerians have manage to get bad name were ever we go.make we blame our selves

  7. Donald trump did well. don’t forget during his campaign…he said about this,,,that african leaders are corrupt, they occupy our jobs and offices here in america. that when I becomes the president,,,,that all these africans including nigeria will be deported. they have to return back to their country and holds their leaders responsible for their failure….That the nigeria president,, all he knows is traveling…..a round the globe,,getting rid of the people of old eastern region (biafra) cos they do not share the same religion and cultural similarities with the others. this is a welcome development!

  8. Dat will be a slap to those who celebrated his victory but I no blame him shaa if na u dey hear say people weh wan enter ur country get boko haram 4 their country u no go suspect dem

  9. let him ban nigerians,they like American lifestlye yet they can not attempt to practice a little of it at home.

  10. yes oooh very very hard too get just pray too God it works out the way it should go we tank God.

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  12. We need to put our ass together and face reality. Fire is burning in our house and we are taking to another for refuge? Let us first put off the fire in our house and make it habitable. We have all it takes…don’t you think so….


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