General President Jonathan, Worst President Ever In Nigeria’s History

President Jonathan, Worst President Ever In Nigeria’s History


Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has no doubt failed Nigeria, never in the history of Nigeria have lives been so helplessly lost in hundreds on daily basis as it is happening in the era of Ebele Jonathan. The Nigerian constitutions empowers and also confers on Jonathan as the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Army. He also swore to protect and defend the constitution of Nigeria, to which the citizenry have surrendered their sovereignty at the elections; to him to protect us by the oath he took on assumption of office. Nigeria is not at war but looses human beings to the Boko Haram insurgency on a daily basis even more than in Syria and Afghanistan that are in full scale war.

Jonathan’s weakling story opens a new chapter in the history of Nigeria, and that Nigeria needs to device a methodology of critically assessing who becomes the President in future, either than this nonsensical rotational approach which has turned out to be very expensive experiment. Who could have thought Nigeria in our lifetime will have a President who will bring on board political platform an illiterate first lady who at the least of her public engagement ridicules a whole nation with very uncultured vituperation. It certainly tells the life story of our President and where he is coming from, the story most Nigerians did not know because he was never really assessed thoroughly before he became President.

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Jonathan and his wife Patience had lived in self denial for more than two weeks after the abductions of these innocent girls’ news broke, they sort to blame political opponent for deliberately creating an atmosphere of fear and panic to achieve a political gain, even when the parents of these girls hit Abuja roads; Jonathan and his wife were still passing the buck as though any other Nigerian has the authority either than Jonathan to order the military for a rescue mission. A society they say deserves the leader they get but the Nigerian society is never known worldwide to be this docile like this man Ebele Jonathan. It is very disappointing to see our President talk so incoherently and sometimes repeating himself while his thought processes becomes much more like someone beginning to learn how to communicate in basic English. Listen to Patience Jonathan speaks and you’ll not be surprised it takes two of a kind to tango. Ebele Jonathan is no doubt an educated version of his wife Patience.

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Written by Oluwaseyi



  1. Ur d smartest fool I’ve ever seen.Obj ur broda killed pple in Udi n other places..were u daft n blind?dnt worry,Nigeria will soon split n give u ur Oduduwa republic..Johnathan is from oil rich Niger-delta,he will rule till we split..that’s our plan,idiot!

  2. Oluwaseyi, I believe if it were u,u would marry a TV wife and av harem of concubines & girlfriends all over. Dame Patience Jonathan is not ashamed to be a Nigerian woman neither is her husband ashamed to make her his firstlady. If not for her,who voiced out on dis issue we wouldn’t av moved from any point no matter d amount of protests. I blv u r a xtian, u better pray for dis gr8 country. Try to get up here & know what is going on in govt. Pres. Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan is NOT A BAD PRESIDENT. HE SHALL OVERCOME!!!

  3. Una just dey here dey comment nonsense. Everything d writer has written is very correct but u dis two useless idiots who are beclouded by ur stupid ways of thinking are commenting rubbish.

  4. Una just dey here dey comment nonsense. Everything d writer has written is very correct but u dis two useless idiots who are beclouded by ur stupid ways of thinking are commenting rubbish

  5. Guy, you should go and learn how to write. Seriously that was poor. “Listening to Patience speaks…” “Beginning to learn” “Processes becomes” “the nigerian constitution confers…”and u just trailed off. What’s your problem? Before you criticise grammar and submit to pedantry, you must learn first.

  6. Peace is all we need.i don’t how it is done but let peace reign and let the masses stop dying.poor ones that have never tasted from the wealth of this nation are the ones being killed by useless people to butter their useless point.Jona…do whatever has to be done…..that is all

  7. It’s funny that we have idiots and sycophants who are blinded by ethnicity. Is splitting the country the solution? Which other president has the record of such number of deaths of helpless Nigerians? Who’s job is it protect the citizens? Would your defense of GRJ remain same if u have lost a family member to Boko Haram or your daughter was one of those kidnapped? Let’s be objective and not be blinded by ethnic sentiments. That is the exact reason we are where we are today as a country, using ethnic arguments ro defend corruption and incompetence!


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