Art & Humour Pretty Lady Gets Mercedes Benz S Class As Birthday Gift From Boyfriend

Pretty Lady Gets Mercedes Benz S Class As Birthday Gift From Boyfriend


Nigeria’s gift delivering hub @magikworld01 shared the lovely story on their social media page of how they delivered a car alongside a teddy bear to the lucky lady…

Nothing is too much for my girl and i will prove it by giving her a Mercedes Benz S class as her birthday gift oh and magik add a teddy bear and chocolate too. She likes those too Don’t hold back. Nigerian men are breaking bounds to show how much they love their women. Your girl shouldnt be left out. Nothing is too much for the special person in your life. What you waiting for? Call magik world now so we will make your girl so excited she will run without her shoes too. And yes his legs are touching the ground he isnt floating.
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  1. Wooooooo… This guy can’t be nija guy cos they don’t know what d meaning of B-Day… This s what I call romantic

  2. nowadays guys be buying cars for dem gf… d next tin u go hear, she don break his heart. I jst dey observe

  3. Woooow…. Good boi Fren…. Na u dey make all girls wet dia papa no get bicycle they say na guy with car dem fit date…

  4. Most of these girls commenting that he can’t be a naija girls should stop. One thing is that you can never surprise a naija girl, a surprise is always an overdue expectation to them

  5. A girl that looks good without u spending anything for dem isn’t urs..u re escorting dem to der king hu makes dem good lukn

  6. This post will surely drive some gurlz nut, thinking they are so unlucky jaming their poor boyfriend. My sister you never knew what shez going through.


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